Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Pot of Chocolate Mousse in La Rochelle

One of my favorite stops on our Europe trip was the port city of La Rochelle in France.  The harbor with its two round towers was what we had come to see, but walking through the streets was so beautiful as well!

We started off in the Place de Verdun.  I love how the past and the present are interwoven - the old plaza flanked by old buildings now has a parking garage/streets built through and under it.

The buildings and streets are all in the same shade of light stone, and they seemed to blend right in with the overcast sky.  It was actually really beautiful - and luckily the sky didn't start raining or snowing on us!

There were a few spots of color though...

Like the first daffodils and spring flowers coming up in the Place de Verdun!
The Cathedrale de St-Louis was right across the plaza, so of course we had to stop there briefly.


Churches in America just can't compare to churches in Europe.  I know they had about a thousand year start on us, but still.  I wish there were more soaring spaces like this in the States!

Like the church we had gone in earlier, there were lots of ships in the Cathedral - and a whole chapel full of nautical paintings and windows.

Outside the cathedral the arcaded walkways were soon tempting us to explore!  I love how the arches don't match in size  - each one has its own character!

There were LOTS of lovely little cafes and shops, but it wasn't until we reached THIS colorful patisserie that we stopped...

This place is called D'Jolly and had one of the most gorgeous displays of pastries and sweets.  OF COURSE I had to vlog it!

Look at the little pot of mousse on the left - and all the cakes!!


And eclairs too!!  It was SO impossible to choose just one thing.  I wish I could go back and try another something from D'Jolly today.  Ahhhhhh...

My brother and I both decided to go with the pot of chocolate mousse.  We got them to-go in a cute little box and decided to keep walking for a bit...

This is a MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Seriously.


Stone steps worn by thousands of feet are one of my favorite European sights.  That and random castles that just pop up around every corner!

THAT STAIRCASE.  I just about swooned when I saw it.  This is the inner courtyard of that "castle" in the previous pic - it was actually the Hotel de Ville - the Town Hall!

Sometimes I think I should've been an architect...I love the details on old buildings and all the design that went into them!  We didn't go into the Hotel de Ville, but I was glad the courtyard was open just to wander.  Soon we headed back out to the shopping streets...

"Mais il est ou le soleil?" means "But where is the sun?"  I could sympathize with that feeling during this trip!


Under elegant balconies and old clock towers, we made our way...until soon we came to the famous harbor!

Do these towers look familiar?  From a certain Epcot movie maybe??

We found some benches near the harbor - you can actually SEE them in the Impressions de France scene I'm referring to.  When we saw the movie again on our most recent Disney trip, I said to my brother - "THOSE ARE THE BENCHES WHERE WE ATE OUR CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!"

It's true.  And I have video AND photographic evidence:

Isn't that box fully adorable?  I didn't think of this at the time, but the mousse was actually a really good choice because it was so portable!  Still, by the time we got to the harbor we were ready to dig in.  It was just. AMAZING.  Pretty much the most fantastic mousse I've ever had.  It was almost like chocolate whipped cream, but a little heavier.  AND SO CHOCOLATY.

A petit pot of chocolate mousse to eat beneath the seaside towers of La Rochelle was quite simply PERFECTION.

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