Monday, July 22, 2013

NEW Disney World Cupcake Guide 2013

It's no secret that I absolutely love cupcakes - especially DISNEY cupcakes.  They're right up there with disney details as my favorite part of a WDW trip.  I even have an entire pinterest board dedicated to the cupcake pixie dust.

Last summer I packed the sugary pixie dust into an ultimate photo guide to the many cupcakes available around Walt Disney World.
Since then, however, the Disney cupcake scene has been changing!  SO many new and beautiful cupcakes have been popping up in the parks and resorts.  I've been keeping track of them on my Cupcakes page, but I decided that something more was needed...namely a brand new and updated photo guide!
The new infographic has more than 60 cupcakes on it, with over 30 photos and two dozen new varieties.

--there are cupcakes from Be Our Guest and Big Top Treats in New Fantasyland.

--there are wild new animal print cupcakes from the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

--there are about half a dozen cupcakes topped with Mickey ears.

--there are cupcakes from the newly reopened Main Street Bakery Starbucks and Boardwalk Bakery.

--there's even a cupcake that comes IN A TREASURE CHEST.

This was my brother's reaction: "It's like an explosion of cupcakes."
Just like the original guide, you'll find the cupcakes divided up by parks and resorts and then by the restaurant/bakery/food court where they have been spotted.  If there's a number by a cupcake it means there's a picture of it (also numbered).
You may notice that some of the cupcakes from the last guide are not present on this one.  That means that sadly they haven't been seen in awhile and may be gone.  But then Disney cupcakes are constantly changing - you may not find every single one of the cupcakes listed on the day you go.  And you may find something new entirely!  The WDW bakeries seem to have been getting really creative with seasonal cupcakes these days - especially at the holidays!
If you want to find out more about a specific cupcake, you'll find links to posts about particular cupcakes on my cupcakes pageThe 2013 guide is not yet available in poster form, but if you're looking for some sweet wall art, check out the original cupcake poster.

Feel to pin/print/use the new guide (or cupcake explosion) to plan your Disney cupcake consumption for the next time you go!   Or just use it for general sweet treat inspiration - I seriously want to try to recreate some of these lovely confections.

I also want to know: which cupcake will YOU be trying on your next trip??



  1. I'm hoping for a good seasonal cupcake when I am there in November, but I will "settle" (haha with little to no twisting of my arm) for a red velvet or Oreo one :)

  2. so many cupcakes so little stomach space. I'll have one of each please lol

  3. Very cool graphic. I had no idea there were that many different cupcakes spread throughout WDW. This is the kind of attention to detail I love about Disney.

    I'm definitely linking to this from my site.

  4. brittbritt - the seasonal cupcakes are some of the most beautiful! And thanks, Mike - please do link to it! :)

  5. What a "sweet" guide!! LOVE it! Pinned ;) Thanks so much from sharing!

    So glad to have come across your blog this morning! Now following via GFC and looking forward to your future posts! Would love to have you visit me at sometime! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Do you have a guide for 2015? My son and I are headed to Disney in May and I would like to do something fun with him like a cupcake challenge over the week.

    1. You can find the most recent guide here: and there's also a cupcake page I keep updated: Hope you have a great trip!