Monday, July 15, 2013

New Boardwalk Bakery Cupcakes!

Happy Monday all you lovely blog readers!  I hope everybody's week is off to an auspicious start. :)  Today we are going to travel to some familiar red-and-white striped awnings in quest of a Disney sweet treat...

...but what we find inside may be unfamiliar!  I was so excited to stop by the newly refurbished Boardwalk Bakery on our recent trip.  When I worked at the Boardwalk, I would stop by the bakery all the time for lunch.  That tomato mozzarella sandwich?  YUM.  And they had some of the best cupcakes and lightest icing on property.  I was eager to see what had changed!


To start with, there are now two doors - one as the entrance for the line, the other as the exit/entrance for anybody just wanting to refill their resort mug.

It looks like Hue G. Krazont is still the proprietor!

The interior of the bakery is completely different. There's a winding corral for the line, and no more big, beautiful open bakery behind the counter the way there used to be.  The space felt smaller, louder, and busier as a result.  But at least the case was still packed with treats...

Here's a panorama - as you can see, the cupcakes are front and center!  They have three of the same classics from before: the cappuccino cupcake, the strawberry shortcake, and the oreo bon bon!

More baked goods, breads, and bagels!  I was really disappointed to find they no longer have the pull-apart brioche featured on the Disney Food Blog.  That sounded so delish, and the cast member I spoke with seemed to think it was gone for good. :(

Unfortunately we had just come from a meal, so I just got a cupcake to go.  But another time I want to try one of the sandwiches.  It looks like they've changed up the bread on the tomato mozzarella (on the far left), but I'm glad to see it's still on the menu!

My cupcake of choice was the OREO BON BON.  In former times, my only complaint about this confection was that the cake was vanilla, and I thought it'd be better with chocolate.

Well guess what?  The cake is now chocolate!

And those little chocolate curls look pretty darn delicious!

Here's a shot of the middle: it still has the same delicious oreo cream filling.  And I'm glad to report the icing was as light and wonderful as ever.  I really loved it with the chocolate cake, although my Mom missed the vanilla.  It was a lighter cupcake before, now it's a little richer.  But still definitely worth the trip!

Will YOU be stopping by the new Boardwalk Bakery?  Which cupcake will you pick?

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  1. as much as I love oreo, I think I'll go for the cappuccino cupcake.