Monday, July 8, 2013

Mickey and Minnie Invade Captain Cook's!

 I think the chefs at the Polynesian must be feeling creative this year.  Back in January there were two new treats at Captain Cook's - a chocolate beer cupcake and a pb&j cupcakeAnd when we were at the Polynesian this June, there were, yet again, some new cupcakes to choose from!
The above is a red velvet cupcake -- looks pretty tasty, but as soon as I saw this I knew which cupake I had to get...
A MINNIE MOUSE cupcake!!!  You see nods to Mickey in cupcake form all the time, but apart from the pink birthday cupcake at the Contempo Café, Minnie doesn't get a lot of cupcake love.  So I was pretty excited to see this and doubly excited because it was CHOCOLATE!
There was also a new chocolate Mickey cupcake.  But it doesn't have a cute pink bow, so I think the Minnie one is clearly superior. ;)
I mean, seriously.  HOW ADORABLE IS THAT??
I almost didn't want to eat it, it was so cute.  I just took pictures of it for a good five minutes.
The Polynesian looks good on Minnie. :)
At last I took a bite, and found that the icing was quite unique.  In fact, it almost wasn't icing at all.  It was more like chocolate mousse!  And I LOVED the light layer of chocolate ganache topping the mousse.
I wish I could say the cake itself was as tasty as the icing...but to be honest, it was a little dry.  I might have gotten it on a bad day though - and the icing and the oreos on top made up for the mediocre cake!
When I tried this cupcake we were staying in the Polynesian club, so I was munching it with this view before me:
Here's a fun cupcake discovery made at the club: the previous night, there had been a mickey chocolate mousse dessert on top of a little disc of chocolate cake.  It tasted EXACTLY like the Minnie cupcake (only without the oreos and the chocolate ganache and the bow)...
I'll bet it was the same chefs from Captain Cook's that made it!  I wonder what new sweet treats they'll come up with next! :)

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  1. Isn't club level AMAZING at the Poly!!!??? We just got back from there and it was beyond wonderful!