Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Fab Friday Finds: 7/5/13

I hope everybody had a wonderful Independence Day yesterday!  In my family we're planning on continuing the celebration by going out for ice cream tonight...but first, here are some fab and festive Friday finds!

1. I was reminiscing yesterday about watching the Magic Kingdom Fourth of July fireworks in years past.  It is SO incredible seeing the stars and stripes in red, white, and blue explode over the Seven Seas Lagoon!

2. Disney World is more my area of expertise, but I do love Disneyland too.  It's like a whole other Disney universe out there in California! ;) So it was really fun to check out some photos from the Independence Day celebrations at Disneyland on the Disney Parks Blog!

3. Did you know that Emily Maynard (of the Bachelorette) has a blog??  I always liked her on the show - I'm so sad things didn't work out between her and Jef - but I love the blog!  She has such fun style posts.

4. My friend Sunni (of I Am Still Blooming) recently added some updates to her Disney blog!  I love this one with her little princesses - and that Disney Snob face on Belle is the best!

5. The Anthropologie Blog just shared this DIY project for a cute and colorful flag.  Although...I'm thinking I would use some bright fabrics from the fabric store rather than tea towels!

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  1. Wasn't the snob face perfect? Haha! I'll be updating more soon. :)