Monday, June 3, 2013

Seashore Sweets

Happy Monday, everybody!  And Happy Month as well - this will be the first sweet treat post of June!  Can you believe summer is nearly here?

You've got to pace the boards to find this next dessert...can you guess where I'm talking about?

It's going to be a Seashore Sweet Treat Monday today!!  Just the sight of the cheerful yellow-striped awnings at Seashore Sweets is a treat in itself.  I've heard that every morning when the shop opens, they pick a little girl to be the "Seashore Sweetie" of the day and help them open up.  Cute!

Inside Seashore Sweets you'll find a variety of packaged candies, including a wall of M&M's to pick-and-choose your own colors, also cookies and cupcakes, fudge and ice cream.
Today's post is dedicated to the ICE CREAM!  There's something about the Boardwalk and an ice cream cone that just goes together perfectly.  When I worked on the concierge, I once had a dad looking for advice on a Disney daddy-daughter date with his four-year-old, and in the end they got ice cream from Seashore Sweets!

There are plenty of from-the-case ice cream flavors, but they look mostly like the ones you can get in the freezer section at any old grocery store.  So I decided to go with the soft-serve.  The serving size in the bowl was SUPER generous.  I almost couldn't finish it!

The flavor was delish too - it was chocolate chip cookie dough, which I had never seen as soft serve before.  I loved it!  I often like to let my ice cream get a little melty in the bowl before I eat it anyway, so this was the perfect consistency.  And plenty of cookie dough chunks too!

I nipped over to the Boardwalk Bakery to grab a tomato mozarella sandwich to round out my meal.  A perfect lunch! 

What's your favorite Boardwalk sweet treat?

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