Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rapunzel Restrooms and So Much More...

You guys know how I feel about the little details at Walt Disney World.  I'm kinda crazy about them.  Especially at the Magic Kingdom.
So when I heard about the new Tangled Bathroom area in Fantasyland and saw pics of so many colorful, beautiful touches - I was pretty much bouncing-off-the-walls-SUPER-excited-couldn't-WAIT to see it for myself!
Yes, I designed a little intro graphic for it.  I don't know why.
lol, I guess I felt this new area of the MK was so cool, it deserved a little mini poster.  It makes me think of the attraction posters under the Train Station when you enter the park:
"Discover the wonders of the RAPUNZEL BATHROOMS!!!"
Wait, what??
lol, but seriously.  These are epic restrooms.  And actually, the new area has SO much more than just the bathrooms.
SO.  Shall we approach?  If you're heading down the Peter Pan/Small World tunnel from Fantasyland to Liberty Square, you basically can't miss this new area.  That adorable tower is practically calling to you, willing your feet to point towards it and have a wander!
There used to be stroller parking in this area, and there still IS a great big sea of strollers to your right as you enter.
The sign for the strollers is so cute and also PURPLE.  I can tell Rapunzel's been here!
Over top of the buggies you'll get your first glimpse of some of the charming village architecture.  Look at those sweet hanging baskets!
As you continue on, you reach the town square...
Probably the music from the movie will be playing, and you will feel like jigging.  AHHH.  It's so pretty though!  It's just like in the movie.  Let's have a comparison pic:
OK, maybe not exactly and precisely the same, but good enough for me!  That town scene is my favorite part of the movie.  I love how so much happens and so much is "said" between Rapunzel and Flynn (excuse me, Eugene), yet they don't speak a single word!
How cool would it be it they had some sort of special event and got a sidewalk artist (preferably one who was "friends" with Rapunzel) to come in and cover the ground in drawings just like in the movie??
Seriously.  I want to see that happen.  And just for the heck of it, here's a picture of Rapunzel and Eugene eating cupcakes:

OK.  Sorry.  Focus.  Back to the real-life incarnation of Tangled!
So the restrooms are located inside of the town buildings.  I like how the women's restroom is in the big, gorgeous, painted tower and the men's is just....a door. lol.
Although the guys do get a palace suit of armor with a frying pan...randomly attached.  I was curious if the men's was painted as beautifully as the ladies' (you'll see that in a minute!) so I asked one of my brothers to bring back a report.  He said there were frying pans and wanted posters.
From the sound of that, the girls definitely got the better décor.  Rapunzel totally decked the place out.  I mean, just check out the girl on the sign.
Look at her looooong golden hair - love it!
The painting starts outside and then continues inside.  I tried not to take too many pictures because...you know...it is still a bathroom.  But of course I had to snap a few!
This is the ceiling.  That's safe enough, right?
I SO want to paint the walls of my room like this now.  How epic would that be???
Then there's this sort-of hidden hallway full of mirrors at the very back of the restrooms, the opposite end from the sinks .  Look at what's up on that shelf...
It's all of Rapunzel's arts and crafts - how she passes the time at the beginning of the movie: the chess board, the candles, the books, the guitar, the paint brushes!  The many, many nods to the movie were what really put this area over the top.
...like a bag of apples that Max must have left behind...and do I spy a certain significant satchel up there???
There are what look like, on first glace, wanted posters hung everywhere...but this one is actually a flyer for an event happening in the Daffodil Gallery at the Lavender Tea Room.  Tea and Finger Sandwiches will be served.
The only problem I have with this is that now I want to be able to GO to the Daffodil Gallery at the Lavender Tea Room and sample said tea and finger sandwiches.
C'mon Disney.  You should know better than to joke around about an imaginary tea room and then not make it real.  Not cool.
And OF COURSE I loved all the lovely lanterns and banners.  My very favorite detail though, were these little hidden chameleons tucked away for you to find...
Can you spot Pascal grinning somewhere in this pic?  In fact there were many more hidden chameleons than just that one - we spent about 20 minutes hunting, and I don't even think we spotted them all - but I may save those for an update all of their own.
But I just LOVED that they incorporated that little game into the Tangled area.  It was the sort of tiny little extra magical zip that I felt Belle's Village in New Fantasyland was lacking.
LOL - I think with all these exciting little details I haven't even mentioned the tower itself yet!  It is rising up above a little waterfall and is so pretty.  I was a little distracted when I walked towards it, though, because I discovered a different surprise.
The Tangled area actually CONNECTS THROUGH to the Haunted Mansion area.  Mind. Blown.
I just wasn't expecting that - it was brilliant planning to introduce another walkway though!  And you can still take the little pathway between Columbia Harbor House and the candle shop if you prefer it.

Overall, I'd say the new Tangled area is just fabulous.  There is plenty of pixie dust to discover!

But I want to hear your thoughts - have you guys visited the new bathrooms?  What are your thoughts??  Be sure to share in the comments! :)


  1. ooohhhh!! I can't wait!! I want to paint Gracie's room like this now!! And she does want purple.....

  2. You covered everything I thought about the Tangled bathrooms! I had to ask my husband what the guys' bathroom was like too after seeing all the props in the girls' bathroom.

    My favorite part was the satchel because in all the pictures I had seen of the place before, no one either pointed it out or I just never noticed it. When I saw it in real life, I had to point it out to my husband because it was a detail that I had seen myself.

    On the other side of the girls' bathroom there is a doll there too! I Thought that was cute. I only snapped 2 quick photos because I didn't want anyone thinking I was weird, haha. But at the same time, I figured now was the time to take 'em since most people would know that the area was new!

    I want to see the place at night! Howard loves taking photos of light fixtures. I'm not sure if I told you that before because he even started a Flickr group all about it (http://www.flickr.com/groups/disneylights/pool/with/8307209093/#photo_8307209093). As he was taking a picture of the lanterns, I said, "Are they even real lights?" and I peered in to see the lightbulbs! But we didn't make it back to that area that night so it'll be something to check out in the future!

    We didn't search too long and hard because it was hot and crowded, but we only found 2 Pascals in the water area when we were walking the CHH side!

    Haha, it just seems so appropriate that you have the movie still of the two of them with their cupcakes.

  3. Is it possible that these are my favorite restrooms on Disney property and I haven't seen them in person? So many great pictures!