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Main Street Bakery Starbucks Opening Day: Review

Today's post is going to be full of photos, details, treats, and cupcakes from the brand new Main Street Bakery Starbucks at the Magic Kingdom!!
I had read rumors online that the opening would be in spring 2013, so my fingers were crossed that we'd be able to see it during our June trip.  On our first MK day it was still closed with the windows blacked out:
A few days later, I noticed a line outside the bakery.  It was still in voucher-only soft opening (apparently they had handed out vouchers to random guests that morning, so that's who was in line), but it would open to the general public the next day!
I'll give you one guess where I was on June 18th at 9AM:
Heading back down Main Street towards the new bakery of course!

From my instagram!  The cast member costumes, as you can see, are the same.  But the décor and set up is quite different!  As soon as you enter, you have two separate but identical lines to choose from.
Above is the line on the left hand side of the bakery.  It was quite crowded!  There were plenty of guests; and there were also cast members milling around the lines, answering questions, and what seemed like an unnecessary number of managers lurking at the back, chatting with each other, and staring at their phones.  Not exactly Disney look.
This is the identical line to the right!  It's hard to get a sense of the set-up in photos, but I did a video tour/vlog of it as well!  In all the bustle, it took me a second to realize that the seating is all gone.  Not a single chair left to be seen!  But we'll get back to that...
"Take a Deliciously Indulgent Ride" reads the menu board.  The drinks were exactly the same as what you would find at any other Starbucks.
I have to say, I thought it was pretty boring that they didn't bother to add any Disney pixie dust to the menu.  Couldn't they have given us a "Tinkerbell's Green Tea" or "Cinderella's Caramel Macchiato" or something special?  The cups at least have some balloons and Disney logo on one side and the regular Starbucks logo on the other.
As you wind through the line you'll find some Starbucks merchandise for purchase, the same as what you'd find at a grocery store or another Starbucks.  (I can't really imagine people wanting to lug a bag of coffee beans all around the park though...)  ANYway, as you reach the head of the line you'll find all the cold drinks and sandwiches.
Another shot of the drinks case, and just beyond that is the bakery case!  Just to prepare you: it's mostly Starbucks treats...

There ARE cupcakes, however.  I was hugely happy to see that.  However no more cinnamon rolls or banana bread pudding.  Sniff.  But there are brownies, cookies, scones, and a million different varieties of sweet breads.
In this one you can see some muffins, coffee cake, and cake pops.  Also if you look to the upper left  you'll see the breakfast sandwiches.  I wish I'd gotten a better pic of those, because the samples at least were almost laughably tiny.  Like, the pictures on the menu were practically bigger than the real-life version.
Speaking of the menu, here's a funny (or tragic) story.  When we first entered the line, we were given a plastic list of the various breakfast sandwiches and such...
So they vaguely mention "delicious breakfast pastries" -- but do you see what that is a picture of in the bottom right?  It's a picture of a CINNAMON ROLL.  I saw it and thought, "Wow, there must still be cinnamon rolls."
THERE ARE NO CINNAMON ROLLS.  (And for the record, there weren't chocolate croissants either.)
I asked a cast member, and apparently the menus were "misprinted."  Ummm...NO.  They should have been recycled and REprinted, because it is not cool to dangle a cinnamon roll in my face and then snatch it away.  It's like rubbing salt in the wound.
And yes, I know there are cinnamon rolls at Gaston's now - but they aren't displayed in the golden glow of a heat lamp sitting in a pool of delicious icing.  And also they're sold right alongside pork shanks.  It's just not the same.
The CM I talked to said there was a chance they'd bring cinnamon rolls back, so that's the hope I'm holding onto.  Otherwise surely they'd get ride of those misleading menus?
But let's turn to some favorites that are still around.  Like the cupcakes...
The two varieties available were red velvet and peanut butter chocolate.  Yum YUM!
So beautiful...
The red velvet is not quite the same as before - it's smaller, and it doesn't have the little round discs/Mickey ears.  But it does taste exactly the same - nice rich cake, tasty and tangy cream cheese icing, delish!
The peanut butter chocolate was pretty much precisely the same as before, and still very delicious!
SO.  You place your pastry order at the case, then turn to the registers, where you place any drink orders and pay.  Cupcakes in hand, I turned my attention to the décor...
I liked the minty green panels on the ceiling!  I'm guessing they went with the brown to give you a coffee like feeling, but it made the place feel a little dark.
There were lots of photos on the walls of people from around the world drinking coffee.  There were three pictures right in between the two doors that caught my eye...
Look at the one in the middle - it's a pretend-turn-of-the-century picture of the actual Main Street Bakery!  I wonder if any of the faces are secretly imagineers??
So according to the cast member I asked, the Main Street Bakery has a back story now.  The two portraits are apparently of Mr. and Mrs. Pike.  They came over from Europe to start a coffee shop and saw a siren on the way over, so they made the mermaid the bakery's logo.  I feel like I've seen that photo of the woman before...I wonder who she is?
Here's a shot of the registers and coffee pick-up for the left-side line.  There are creams and napkins and all that on both sides, although the right side has a little ledge where you can get yourself and your drinks organized.
You can kinda see that ledge where the lady is leaning on it, and there's another under the window by the cast member.  But you can't really stand there and eat - you'd be blocking traffic.  And it's still nothing like the seating from before...
OK.  So I just need to complain for a minute.
You can say what you like about improved traffic flow and shorter lines, but I still think cutting out the seating was a huge mistake.  In the past I often felt that the Main Street area didn't have enough air conditioned seating - and now they've taken some of it away!  It was such a charming space too, with the mirrors.
The seating that they now direct you to are the outdoor tables further down Main Street...but the thing is, those tables already belong to Casey's and the Ice Cream Parlor.  You could never find a spot at those back when there was seating inside MSB.  And who wants to take a heavy tray full of beautiful baked goods and steaming hot coffee out into that heat??
They picked the double lines over the seating, and yes, maybe the lines will now be shorter, but Disney is also going to be making twice the sales.  I feel like it was a greedy decision, and not one made with guests in mind.  It just makes me sad.
After all my ranting, you may be surprised to hear that I actually don't hate the new Main Street Bakery.  LOLI like the cupcakes, and I like the new details, and I don't even mind that there's a Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom - I think that part's kinda fun.
But the loss of the cinnamon roll and the seating really hits hard.  Without the tables where you could sit and soak in the atmosphere, I won't enjoy MSB in the same way...
If you have made it to the end of this rather lengthy review, I congratulate you!  And I hope you'll post in the comments with your own thoughts on the changes, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Great review of the MSB. I was very curious about how Disney and Starbucks would come together. It's too bad about the cinnamon rolls, I don't remember getting the chance to enjoy the from MSB. I agree with you on the seating.