Saturday, June 15, 2013


As dusk falls over Disney's Hollywood Studios and those neon lights light up the night, you'll find a looooong line growing along Sunset Boulevard...

What are they all waiting for?  Why, FANTASMIC of course!

It's a big theater, but if you want a seat towards the middle, you've got to get in line early!

Waiting for the show to begin!

I've covered Illuminations on the blog and Wishes too of course (in detail!), but Fantasmic deserves some love too.  I have to admit, it's my least favorite of the three, but it does have a special magic of its own.

The build-up to the show is possibly more fun than any of the others, because they play catchy Disney songs that everyone sings along to.  And if you have an especially enthusiastic audience, you'll probably find yourself doing the wave!

Everyone cheers when Mickey comes out to start the show!

The water effects are neat, and I always love getting to see classic Disney movie be perfectly honest, they could do with some jazzing up.  At times it feels like they got some random Disney clips montage from youtube and are projecting it on a sheet of water.  It's not a bad video; I'd just love to see something new...

I do really like that they include Pocahontas, though.  That is such a beautiful movie with such beautiful songs!

And, of course, who doesn't love the Disney princesses dancing with their princes?

Ahhhhh....Beauty and the Beast...

The princess floats I love, but I could do without the radioactive glowing monkeys...

Not gonna lie.  They freak me out.

Oh good, here come the Disney villains to spice things up. ;)

Mickey reappears in his Brave Little Tailor guise to save the day!

He's got a sword that shoots fire.  Epic.

Then it's time for a steamboat full of Disney characters!  Can you spot Megara (from Hercules)?  I wish you could meet her in the parks!  But where's Herc?

Sorcerer Mickey reappears with some last bursts of pixie dust to send us off with a bang!

This is the coolest part of the show!

...and I love how, if you look off the sides of the theater, you can see the cast members all ready and waiting to get things tidied up.  Even they are caught up in the magic, with every face turned up to watch the end of the show!

In spite of any shortcomings, Fantasmic is definitely worth the time to experience.  Disney fireworks always bring the pixie dust.  

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  1. Fantasmic is actually my favorite nighttime show! I like how even grown men scream for Mickey, haha. I am so easily transported back to Disney when my husband and I listen to the Fantasmic soundtrack.

    It's funny that you mention the radioactive monkeys because if I could actually have a job on Disney property, that would be in my top 5! I too think they are SO scary, but I like the stomping part of the dancing for some reason. I figure if I'm one of them, it's not as scary ... you know, as long as I don't look into a mirror!

    I noticed the CMs during one of my more recent trips. I love how organized EVERYTHING is on Disney property!