Monday, May 6, 2013

The Kringla Cloudberry Horn (and Secret Cloudberry Bush)

Let's take a trip to Norway today, shall we?

Or, to be more specific, to a lovely little place called Kringla Bakeri og Kafe.

At what other bakery can you find little trolls standing guard over the treats?

On those hot and humid Florida days, the cases will often fog up, and it's as if you're searching for the sweets through a Norwegian mist!

Hmmmm...what to get?  Today let's go with the cloudberry horn.  Sometimes you'll see this called a troll horn as well.  It sounds like the troll horn has a lingonberry cream, while the cloudberry horn has a cloudberry cream!  I like the cloudberry slightly better than the lingonberry, but that's probably just because cloudberries have a better back story.

Wanna hear it?

So in Norway and Sweden, apparently cloudberries are rather rare (they're known as 'highland gold!') and grow on bushes out in the wild.  Families sometimes have their own secret cloudberry bush hidden up in the mountains.  Once the kids are old enough, they're initiated into the secret cloudberry bush location, but they have to keep it quiet so other families don't horn in on their cloudberries.

I know this because I watch New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad, and he is one of the coolest chefs ever.  He CONSTRUCTS a kitchen way up on a cliff over a fjord or on an icy tundra or in a flowery meadow and then cooks crazy stuff.  Including dishes with cloudberries.

I should add that I have yet to learn the location of the secret Disney cloudberry bush.  But I'm sure they've got one. ;)

The outside pastry of the horn is crispy and flaky and lovely, covered with big crystal chunks of sugar.  Then we get to the inside...

Ohhhhh...just look at that.  It was so lovely I couldn't even wait to take a bite.

Whether it's lingonberry or that elusive cloudberry, the cream is light and frothy and has that perfect combination of tang and sweetness from the fruit.  It's so refreshing and cool, perfect for Florida!

Next time you're in Epcot, keep an eye out for the troll horn - and any hidden cloudberry bushes!

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