Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday: Five Fun Web Finds

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!  Ready for some fun links to get you through the day to the weekend?

1. Does anybody else read Suri's Burn Book?  That blog just makes me laugh.  I love how "Suri" has such a rivalry with Kate Middleton and the royal baby...when the baby isn't even born yet!

2. I finished up my old trip report, Downton Disney, over on the DIS this week!  Sniff, it's always a little sad to leave an old trip report behind, but I can't wait to start a new one.  I return to WDW in less than two weeks!!

3. While I admire Oh My Disney's attempt to compile a list of eligible Disney bachelors in honor of the premiere of the Bachelorette this week, I have to say I'm not impressed.  I suppose most of the really swoon-worthy Disney men are already taken by Disney princesses, but this list is still uninspiring.  Half of them are villains and the other half  are just...I  And Le Fou??  Really???

4. I've been in a wedding mood this week after attending a friend's nuptials this past weekend.  I love the flowers in this post from Style Me Pretty - and that shrug is gorgeous!

5. Hop over to I Am Still Blooming where I did a guest post last week...I did some reminiscing about my time working on the club level at the Boardwalk!

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