Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Fab Friday Finds

Don't you just love alliteration?  I was tempted to title this: "Five Fab Finds for a Fun Frittering away of your Friday," but I resisted. ;)

It's FRIDAY!  That means it's time to share some fun links from around the interwebs for your weekend perusing needs:

1. Is that a new disney cupcake I see over on the Disney Parks blog??  It's themed for the "Monstrous Summer" and I love the Sully-inspired icing - can't wait to try it!

2. The Disney Food Blog did a fun post about assorted Disney merchandise.  I'm totally looking for those princess fascinators the next time I'm in the parks.

3. Confession: my family loves to watch Tobuscus videos.  Tobuscus (aka Toby)  is sometimes off-color but always quirky, and he just makes us laugh.  And I'm kinda impressed that he's carved a career for himself just by playing video games and making hilarious videos.  I liked this song he did about the Vine app.

4. Have you seen the pocket princess fan comics on tumblr?  They are so cute!  I can sympathize with Belle in this one.  I wish my dinnerware could sing and dance!  (I wish the silverware at Be Our Guest did at least!)

5. Last week I did a vlog while I was working on the last pieces of my Magic Kingdom eBook, and now it's out! :)

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