Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Snug Spot at the Wilderness Lodge

One of my favorite approaches at Walt Disney World is the approach to the Wilderness Lodge.  It's so dramatic.

First you see the resort rising so impressively in the distance that the cars and parking lot just fade away.

As you ascend the steps and follow the bison footprints through the prairie grasses, it's hidden for a moment, and the first strains of Western music reach your ears.

The flowers outside the Wilderness Lodge - especially in the springtime - look like a rainbow exploded.  SO PRETTY.  And you may even find some buffalo wandering amongst the daisies...

You turn from the buffalo and the flowers and enter the port cochere.

You've arrived.

And, of course, we've only been talking about the approach.  Once you've entered through the doors, the lobby just about takes your breath away!

It is certainly a soaring space, and yet...there are plenty of cozy corners tucked away in the Wilderness Lodge, if you know where to look!  As soon as you've entered the lobby doors, hang a left and loop around to the stairs leading up to the second level...

At the top of the stairs it looks like the hallway just stretched off to the left, but you want to go right.

Behind the stone walls and hidden beams, you'll soon reach a secret snug spot...

Ahhhhhhh...this is one of my favorite WDW quiet corners.  It's so cozy and secluded, yet the lobby is spread out just over the railing for you to admire.  And you have a beautiful fireplace all to yourself.

Bring a cupcake up here from Roaring Fork, and you've got the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday at Disney!

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