Monday, May 6, 2013

27 Ostrich Eggs Walk into the Sunset Lounge...

Whenever I've been dreaming of quiet corners at Disney World lately, they've been at the resorts for some reason!

Last week it was the Boardwalk.

The weekend before it was the Polynesian.

Today it's the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Just down the lobby, hidden behind that awesome, huge Ijele mask, is a little room called the Sunset Lounge.

Often the space will be filled with the sound of drumming during children's activities, but at other times of day you might have it all to yourself.

Just look at that ceiling!  So cool!  There are also photographs and knick knacks from African expeditions all over the place.

And you never know what else from Africa might roll on by.  One day a cast member pushed a cart by with these giant boxes, and written on the side was...

"27x Ostrich Eggs"  Seriously!  I want to know where those ostrich eggs are going!  And why do they need 27 of them?  I like that someone bothered to label the box though.  It sounds like the start of a joke: "27 ostrich eggs roll into the Sunset Lounge..." lol.

Maybe they were going to use them to make christmas ornaments.

I LOVE the oversized leather chairs in here.  Also the long banquet seating...

There are little vines twisting around the lamps, and on just one of the lamp you'll find a little dragonfly resting.

I adore that sort of little Disney touch!  I always find the dragonfly to say hello and touch his wings for luck. :)

Hope it was a lovely weekend!  I meant to get this post up yesterday, but time just ran away from me.  I was busy working on the new Scavenger Hunt ebook - hoping to get it up on Amazon later this week!

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