Monday, April 1, 2013

The Old Epcot Patisserie

I know I just left France a few weeks ago, but I'm already missing those patisseries so. much.  So I figure for today's Sweet Treat Monday, we'll merge Disney and French deliciousness with a look at the old patisserie in Epcot's France Pavilion.

Note that I said "old."  The patisserie I'm posting about has now been replaced with the Bakery Les Halles.  It's roomier, has more areas to order and sit, and looks very nice.  But somehow I'll miss the old, narrow, crowded patisserie.  Its very inconvenience made it feel more French.

See, don't you miss this?? lol, ok, so maybe the interminibly long line won't be too much missed, but otherwise I liked the old place and am a little sad its gone. 

I hope they still have similar savory things.  I loved those tartines (the little pizzas).  And that ham and cheese croissant just melted in your mouth!

I really hope the chocolate mousse hasn't changed too much as well.  It was so delicious, and a pretty good value for such a generous helping of the chocolaty stuff!

These little cream puffs were so cute - they look like little whipped cream sandwiches! - although I have to admit the cream was not that great.  I haven't seen them in pics of the new bakery, so don't know if they're still around.  I can't wait to get back to Epcot and see for myself!

But today's update is not about the mousse, nor is it about the cream puffs.  It is about the Napoleon.

Not only was it simply beautiful, it was also delicious - the pastry crispy and flaky, the cream a lovely, light mix between whipped cream and custard.  I read on the Disney Food Blog that the new napoleon's cream has a cheesecake-like consistency, which does not sound pleasant at all.  I can only keep my fingers crossed that they'll have gone back to the old recipe by the time I get there!

So have any of you readers been to the new Bakery Les Halles?  How would you say it compares to the old Patisserie?  Will you miss the old place?  Let us know in the comments!

Totally Random Tidbit: In Spain I have seen cream puffs just like the ones pictured in this post, that were literally called "bocadillo de nata" or "whipped cream sandwiches."


  1. You know what I love! Ham and cheese, please.

  2. I miss the old one, too! I haven't had the chance to visit the new one yet, but the menu looks awesome with lots of savories! :)