Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Princess Fittings and Fairings

I love Disney Resort gift shops.  There's something so soothing about them.

Not that shops elsewhere at Disney can't be soothing, but in the parks they generally tend to be much more crowded and hectic.  At the resorts, it's usually peaceful and calm; you can hear the relaxing music as you peruse all the pretty items at your leisure.  Plus they smell lovely.  I don't know how mousekeeping manages to make Disney resorts smell so good, but they sure do.  Props to them.

So today we're going to have a nose around Fittings and Fairings Clothes and Notions at the Yacht Club Resort.  I took these pics back in January, when we were at the Yacht Club one morning for an amazing breakfast buffet at the Captain's Grille.

I've been meaning to share them ever since, because there was some seriously adorable new Disney merch!  Especially in the Princess and Minnie Mouse categories - and you know that's my Achilles' Heel!

In spite of the fact that there is plenty of merchandise that Disney wants you to notice and buy in their shops, they still put in charming little details (like sailboats and chests here) for you to notice as well.  I love that.

My dilemma in looking at Disney clothes is this: before the trip, I always carefully plan out my Disney wardrobe.  Then I get into the gift shop and see a really cute shirt that I want to buy -- but I don't have an open day to wear it!!  See the dilemma?  lol.

There was certainly plenty to tempt me at Fittings and Fairings.  I mean, they were selling an adult sized Minnie Mouse dress.  So. cool.

I am a big fan of resort-specific merchandise, like this cute Yacht Club shirt.  Minnie and Mickey are out for a spin on the lake!

More yachting goods.  Although...I have a sneaking suspicion these were not made for the Yacht Club.  Are those the letters "DCL" I see beneath the Mickey??

More Disney headgear, this time for the girls!  The variety of Minnie Mouse headbands has definitely increased in recent years.  Now they have ones with feathers and little hats - these ones were more classic and sparkly!

Minnie Mouse herself - in 2013 plush form!

If my ipod didn't already have an adorable strawberry-colored exterior, I would be seriously tempted by these.

Minnie: Desperate Housewife.  lol, I wouldn't really call Minnie that!  I think I like the Cinderella oven mitt best: "I don't do dishes."  I wish!

NOW we're getting to the good stuff!  There was so much new Disney Princess merchandise (or at least new to me) - I loved the designs that looked like sketches, with such soft lines.  The princesses looked like they were modelled on their new versions rather than the classic ones.

I have drawn Disney princesses in cupcake form; here they are in their shoe incarnations!

Love the clutch on the right...and throughout the trip I found those same designs on individual bags and such, at least for Cinderella and Belle. (**I was just doing some browsing on the interwebs and, and I could only find merch with those designs for C and B -- I hope they do expand them to the other princesses though!**)

Cinderella looks so sweet in that design!  I might have been tempted by that purse, but I didn't like the giant "C."

I liked Belle too, although...I don't know...she looks a little too grown up in this design.  I mean, compare their two scarves:

Cinderella is the epitome of elegance, whereas Belle looks almost sinister (although I guess it could be the angle).  And I am a huge Belle fan, so it's odd to be preferring Cindy merchandise!  Ah well, just interesting to wonder about the design decisions they make sometimes!

A Belle wristlet in the same line.  In the end, it was the Cinderella wristlet I left with:

"One Pair of Shoes Can Change a Girl's Life."  True that. :)

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  1. I really enjoyed this post! I love being able to "shop" Disney merchandise at home. That Minnie dress is absolutely adorable, but I personally wouldn't have much of an occasion to wear such a dress except IN Disney. It'd be an adorably cute thing to wear for an engagement photo session or even an engagement party or wedding rehearsal!