Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to: Lovely Paper Roses

With spring finally arriving and the whole world breaking out into bloom, I thought it might be fun to feature some flowers here on the blog!

I learned to make these paper roses when I worked on the concierge desk at Disney World - they are so fun and easy to make - and so pretty and delicate once you're finished.  Ready to learn how?  Let's go!

First, gather your supplies!  You'll need a stapler, some tape, a pair of scissors (this one's optional - I tend to fold and rip the paper, but cutting it might be easier), and of course the paper!  Printer or scrapbook paper works best - you want something heavier than newspaper but lighter than cardstock.  Use colored or patterned paper for a colorful rose - and of course paper destined for the recycling bin is great too!

I usually start with a sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper and cut it in half so that it's 8.5 in. by 5.5 in. Then you're going to cut it in half again to get two little rectangles.

Cut each of the rectangles into three strips.  Basically we're creating six small strips of paper, each one about 4.25 in. by 1.8 inches.

Don't worry if you don't get the dimensions exactly right - you could actually use strips that are either larger or smaller to make a larger or smaller rose, but they should still have that rectangular shape.

Next, you're going to take those six strips and lay them crossways on top of each other, alternating - first one going horizontally, then one going vertically, and so on.

Once you have them all stacked up, staple them together in the center of the top strip - the staple should be running parallel to the top strip.  Now we're ready to start working on the rose itself!

Fold the top sheet into two long triangles and prop them up so that it looks like a little mountain range.  Sometimes it helps to draw or imagine a line connecting one corner of the strip to the opposite corner, then fold along that line.

We're going to be rolling this piece to make the rose bud in the center of the flower.  I like the bud to be as small as possible, so I usually fold down the tips of the mountains.

Then we're ready to start rolling!  Beginning at one end, roll the paper in on itself into a little cylinder until you reach the center, where the staple is.

Then take the other half of the paper (or mountain range!) and wrap it around the bit you've already created.  Use a piece of a tape to secure it.  Your rosebud should look something like this:

Next, we'll start on the petals.  The petal on the inside should be a little bit smaller than the rest, so tear or cut off about half an inch (or even less) from each side of the next strip of paper:

Make sure you take off a little bit on both sides - I know in the pic it only shows one side!  Once you've shortened the strip that you're working on, you're ready to make it into a petal!

Gently roll back the paper at each of the four corners on the strip of paper you're working on.  You want to make two points, a sort-of double arrow, like this:

Once you have all the corners rolled, you're going to wrap those two pieces around the rose bud.  It's easiest to prop one side up and pinch it around the center, then wrap the other side around it...

To get the rosebud to stay in place, you can just use a piece of tape to tape the petals together, or you can fold the little wing of extra paper that will be left on either side underneath the center.  This part is kinda tricky to do and tricky to explain in words.  If you watch the video it might make more sense, but just stick with the tape if it's getting confusing! :)

With the next sheet of paper, you're going to do the exact same thing - roll in the edges to create the points, fold up the petals around the center and use tape or fold the edges under to get it to stay.

Keep on doing this until there's only one sheet left!  Now if you don't want to give your rose a stem, then just repeat the same steps on the last sheet of paper, and you're all done!  But if you would like a stem, then fold that last sheet in half.

Probably it will already be a little inclined to fold in half.  Starting at one of the corners closest to the rose, roll the paper in on itself to create a cone.

Once you reach the center where the staple is, wrap the other end of the paper around the cone you've already created and give it a piece of tape to keep it in place.  It's easy for the stem to come off of the staple, so be kinda gentle when you do this step.

And VOILA!  You have created a darling little paper rose.

There are so many things you could do once you've made one of these.  You could make it into a piece of jewelry - a ring or a hairclip.  Or you could make a whole bunch for a Mother's Day or May Day bouquet:

Or you could go really crazy and do what I did last year, which was make tons and tons of roses and form them into a Minnie Mouse head!

And finally, here's the video tutorial from my youtube, in case anything in the post didn't make sense.  Hope it's a perfectly rosy day!

p.s. For those of you that are pinterest savvy, here's an abbreviated version of the tutorial:


  1. Those are so pretty! Love the Minnie Mouse topiary that you are starting!

  2. I pinned your instructions because I love how it looks! I have a lot of issues making paper flowers like this though. I don't know why I can't really let myself loose! For my wedding (you might have seen it on my TR -, I made kusudama flowers because it was "easier for me to know exactly where I had to fold everything and glue everything. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper flowers to much! I thought about doing a paper flower bouquet because everyone knows that I craft although not as often as I would like ( if you're interested though I don't post as often because of work!).

  3. Do you have the tutorial video link ? I didn't find on youtube.

    1. Here it is! Just added it into the blog post as well: