Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cap'n Jack Water Art

The Disney Parks Blog recently did a post about custodian water artists - cast members who can "paint" Mickey or Minnie or other characters in water on the ground.  It's pretty neat if you've ever caught a CM doing it -- and some of them truly are artists!

The best "water art" I've seen at Disney World was in Adventureland. I had just ridden Pirates of the Caribbean and seen this guy...

So I was surprised to find Captain Sparrow, when I came back out into the sunshine, on the ground in front of the entrance!

WOW.  Just wow.  I feel like that CM could have an animation artist who secretly just wanted to come into the parks and work as a regular cast member for the day.  He was adding so many little details to his Jack Sparrow until it was just perfect.  I'd love to know what other characters that CM can do - he seemed like an expert!

That sketch of the Captain looks like it should be used on a tshirt or around the parks somehow.  Just awesome.

Have you seen cast members creating water art around WDW?  What has been your favorite sighting?

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  1. Oh wow, I've never seen one done of Jack Sparrow before!