Saturday, April 27, 2013

At the Boardwalk

Usually, when I post about a quiet corner at Disney World, it's a public space - a little courtyard or cozy corner in the parks, or a resort lobby.  There are plenty of tucked-away public places where you can quietly relax, but of course it's pretty nice when you have a Disney space that's all your own - like when you're staying at the resorts!

So this weekend, to mix things up a bit, I thought we'd get ourselves a key to the world card and step inside a room at the Boardwalk Inn!

So.  Technically, check-in at Disney resorts is at 4pm.  Technically, you aren't guaranteed your room until 4pm.  But as all you Disney snobs out there know, sometimes you get lucky with a ready room well before then!  Luck favors the early bird, and the people that check in first thing in the morning get the rooms that were unoccupied the night before.  So, naturally, my fam likes to check in as early as possible to get the maximum time and enjoyment out of our resort room!

On the last occassion that I stayed at the Boardwalk, I was strolling up towards the Port-Cochere at 7:30 in the AM.

The quiet, pink light of sunrise was still in the air, painting the colorful Villas in a rosy hue.  Pretty magical.

Hello Boardwalk!  I used to spend my days hanging out right here. ;)  Interesting Fact: lots of guests would think they had to go in the door beneath the sign for the part of the resort you were staying in - DVC guests under the villas sign, and Inn guests under the Inn sign.  LOL - you can use whichever door you like!

But enough with the entrance.  Let's get to the room!

The rooms at the Boardwalk Inn are a lovely blend of elegant and fun.


I love the fresh white bedspread and the pretty yellow stripes on the wall.  Someday I want to paint or paper a room in yellow stripes...

And I'd love to have that pretty yellow blanket someday too.  Pretty much all my decorating aspirations have their roots in Disney decor.   I cannot deny it.

OH HAAAY.  It's STACY!  Everybody do the must-do! :)

Love the sofa, and love that it folds out into a bed!  Also love that painting above it.

It wouldn't be a Disney resort room without some specially-themed work of art!  And don't you just wish people still wore hats like that??  I do.

So many little details to the Boardwalk pillows with that awesome fringe.

...and a very Victorian Minnie Mouse sitting beneath the lamp.  I love the buttons on her boots!

Even the luggage rack is extra pretty!


The bathroom and sink area, complete with a few...

...hidden Mickey's!

If you have a garden view, your room will look out over the Rose Courtyard's branches and bushes.  On the other hand...if you get a boardwalk view...

The garden view can be lovely too, but a boardwalk view is pretty darn magical.  There's the music floating up, the sound of the friendships going to and fro, and a never-ending supply of people watching.  I could just sit out there all day. :) This is why a Disney resort room is so much more than an ordinary hotel room where you would just go to to sleep and shower.

It's a quiet corner that demands to be savored - if you're just rushing to and from the parks the whole time, you're missing half the fun!  You have to take an hour, and sit before the window with some coffee and a pile of books...

Ahhhhhhhh....and then if you do have a Boardwalk view, you have to sit lazily on your balcony after a long day of Disney-ing to watch the lights and the crowds and the entertainers below:

But maybe the MOST magical and loveliest thing to do when you have a room at the Boardwalk is get up a little bit early to enjoy this...

Sunrise over Crescent Lake.  Gorgeous!

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  1. I was so thrilled to be able to spend a long weekend with my sister at the Boardwalk Inn earlier this year. This resort was unmatched! The location can't be beat- being able to easily walk to two parks makes it an ideal spot for me. To be honest, we did have a problem with our room when we first checked in. Problems can't be helped sometimes, but the way problems are handled is what really matters! The front desk CM immediately helped us, and we ended up being moved to a new room- with an upgrade! This resort is my new favorite. Great overview here- I love your photos.