Saturday, March 30, 2013

Where to Watch Wishes: Outside the Turnstiles

So you're looking for a place to watch the Wishes fireworks from, but you don't want to have to use up one of your park days to get into the Magic Kingdom.  What to do?

Of course, there are plenty of great spots around the Seven Seas Lagoon - the Polynesian beach, the Contemporary stairwells, even the Grand Floridian Marina all give lovely views without the cost of park admission.  But have you ever considered something a little closer up...say...right in front of the turnstiles?

I discovered this viewing location almost by mistake one night.  I had just come over on the launch from the Polynesian, planning to hop on a bus to another resort.  Wishes was just about to start, but I didn't have a park ticket to spare.  So I just stood right there in front of the train station and was so surprised at how much of the show I was able to see!

Now this is more of a fun Wishes viewing location than a good Wishes viewing location.  There will be guests surging around you, the noise of the turnstiles and security check; although you can hear the music quite well, so that's a plus.  But many of the fireworks themselves will be partially or even fully blocked.  So if this is your first time to watch Wishes, try to get in the park or else pick one of the less impeded views from the Polynesian etc.

If you're just walking by or in quest of a new Wishes viewing spot, however, this is a really interesting place to watch from.  Many of the fireworks seem to be framing the train station instead of the castle!

Lovely as the train station is, probably you want to be able to see the castle.  The wonderful magic of Wishes, in my mind, is due to three elements:

1. Amazing fireworks
2. Fantastic music
3. Gorgeous castle

Take any one of those three away, and you lose some of the pixie dust.  But if you move just slightly to the east of the train station (so if you're facing the station, to your right), then you'll be able to see the top spires of the castle peeking above the awning.

As you can tell from some of these pics, there was a handful of other families who had just paused to watch the show as well.

I actually really enjoyed the view, in spite of the obstructions and distractions around.  Wishes has never failed to lose its magic, in spite of the multitudinous times I have watched it.  Still, it adds to the magic to view it from a new perspective.  From this spot, it was almost as if someone had cut off the lower part of the picture, and you were just focused on the top spires of the castle and the fireworks high up in the air.

The framing fireworks (the ones that go off directly around the castle) were harder to see; although from the above (very blurry - sorry!) pic, you could see some of them.

Finale!  The sky above the train station was set ablaze with a rainbow!

One of the best parts of viewing Wishes from outside the turnstiles?  There's absolutely no fighting the crowds.  You can stroll immediately up to the monorail and hop on with no wait.

Pretty. Nice. :)

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  1. Wow! I would have never thought to view Wishes from there! We've seen it from the beaches at the Poly, but I like this closer spot outside the park as well!