Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Returned from Travels + Wednesday Where

The last few weeks exploring France and England have been absolutely wonderful; but, to tell you the truth, it's very nice to be home!

To be able to sit still in one place; to not have to worry about where your passport is or whether or not your train will be on time; to use the internet on a seemingly huge screen (or at least my laptop seems gigantic after relying on the strawberry for weeks!) - it's good to be back.

Of course, some things, like the patisseries and the beautiful old buildings and the British accents I'm already missing.  But at least the endless cups of tea I can still have here.  And to help me cope with the culture shock, my mom made sure we had plenty of white bread for toast. lol. ;)

I had hoped to post more on here while I was abroad, but the trip was so full that there wasn't much time.  In the future I might not try to stuff a sojourn quite so very full.  With so much movement there wasn't a whole lot of breathing room; but, on the other hand, it was fabulous to be able to see so many different places: Paris, the castles of the Loire Valley, so many Impressions de France sights, Salisbury with its beautiful cathedral and charming streets, Lyme Regis (any fellow Jane Austen readers out there, get excited for the Lyme posts. Lyme was AMAZING, and exactly as described in Persuasion!), Tintern Abbey, and London - just to name a few.

Now that I'm back, however, I'm super excited to start sharing some more stories from Europe, and (of course) get back to the DISNEY stuff!  If you haven't, be sure to check out my vlogs.  I'm planning to continue vlogging now that I'm back at home, so stay tuned for that as well!

Before I sign off - it's a Wednesday, right - I thought I'd post today's trivia pic.  I bet you've seen these pastel purple windows - but do you know where in WDW they are?

And props to Sunni for guessing last week's pic - those lovely carpets are indeed from the Wilderness Lodge hallways!


  1. Ok.. I think it is the part of the roof over the building that contains Cosmic Ray's & Auntie Gravity's in Tomorrowland? Is that right?

  2. Welcome back! I loved all your updates when you were abroad. Oh dear, all those pastries look delectable!

    As for the picture, I was also going to say it's in Tomorrowland! I think it's right above the bathrooms next to Merchant of Venus?