Monday, March 11, 2013

Paris Patisseries

This Monday, instead of the usual Disney sweet treat, I thought I'd share some of the amazing desserts we've been sampling in France!

It seems like there's another beautiful patisserie or boulangerie on every corner. They are not, as a French lady told me, to be called cafes, because cafes serve meals all day long, whereas a patisserie just serves treats and drinks!

The first Patisserie I visited was called Stohrer, established in 1740! Under its yellow awning was a room packed from floor to ceiling with delicious treats (there were some savory things, but there was no seating, so I guess still not a cafe!).

The store itself was like a room from a palace - colorful tiles on the floor and a gorgeous ceiling.

I tried the raspberry tart, and the cream/custard was the lightest and tastiest I've ever had in my life. The little chocolate confection we tried was amazing too - like a square of chocolate cake and mousse covered in the darkest chocolate ganache.

My iPod (which I'm posting from!) won't let me pick where to put the photos in the post, so they'll just all be at the bottom. I've also done some patisserie vlogs if you're interested in more Paris sweets!

Bon Lundi! (Happy Monday!)

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  1. Incredible!

    Next time you are in NYC, stop over at La Bergamote, on 9th Ave. & 20th. Try the Napoleon. It's comparable to ones I have had in Paris. Bon voyage!

    Best always, MSF