Monday, February 25, 2013

Probably the Most Colorful Dessert at Disney

The Disney Dessert of the day this week is going to be a Disney classic.  One of the few desserts that is themed after a resort.  Do you know which one I'm talking about??

How about now - recognize this food court?

We're at POP CENTURY!  (I bet you know where I'm going now...)

Sometimes the food courts at the value resorts can be a little lackluster, but I'm a fan of Everything Pop.  They have some lovely sandwiches, and just check out the above dessert case!  Don't those croissants look tasty?

Someday I want to try these brownies - they look pretty delish, and $2.39 is not too bad considering the size (and that it's Disney food!).

Now we come to the main attraction.  And's not the king cupcake (someday I'm going to have to try that, but the idea of bacon in my cupcake just doesn't get me excited).

I am talking about the TIE-DYED CHEESECAKE people.  I have been a fan of this forever.  Whenever we have planned a trip that included a stay at Pop Century, I would immediately get excited that I was going to get this dessert!  It just seems so quintessentially POP.

Somehow there is something really exciting about having your dessert be all colors of the rainbow.  I always carefully look over all the ones in the case to select the best tie dye!

Not only does this dessert look stellar, it tastes great.  The red velvet cake on the bottom always seems to be nice and moist, and the cheesecake on top is nice and light and tasty.

I bet Tinkerbell comes into the kitchen every week with a supply of pixie dust to make those colors in the cheesecake just right!

And in case you were wondering, this does count as a snack on the dessert plan (or a dessert with your CS meal).  At $3.59 it's a fairly good value for a snack, although there are some snacks that are more expensive...the best value I've come across was a chocolate-covered rice krispie treat for $4.95 at the Confectionery.

One last picture from POP to brighten up the day.  Because who doesn't love some Mickey?

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