Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Euro Trip and a Wednesday Where

Hello Friends of the Interwebs!

It is Wednesday yet again.  Sorry for the lack of updates this past week.  I've been busy working on some other projects, among them...planning a trip to EUROPE!

One of my brothers (Porthos) is currently studying abroad in London, and I am heading over to travel around France with him during his spring break.  That's the reason we study abroad in my family.  To give the rest of the family an excuse to go abroad.

Otherwise we'd just go to Disney World all the time.

But no Snobbish trip could ever be without some sort of Disney touch, some little pinch of pixie dust.  One thing Porthos and I have in common is a deep and abiding love of the movie in the France pavilion at Epcot: Impressions de France.  I have therefore been crafting our trip AROUND the places they go in the movie, like the gorgeous castles and the epic cliffs and Mont St. Michel, and I kinda want to refilm the whole movie, only with us in it.  Anyone got a circlevision camera I can borrow?

SO.  That's what I've been busy with - the ads that show up on websites I go to are now all for hotels in Paris or the Loire Valley, because I've been so glued to priceline and tripadvisor this past week.

However, I am taking a quick break to bring you some Disney World trivia!  Here is some rustic yet elegant decor - have you seen it before?  If you haven't, you need to make sure that you visit this place immediately because they have the MOST delicious food!

And if you need another hint, be sure to hop over to my trip report because you might find a clue in tomorrow's update!

Props to Sariah for recognizing the prow of one of the launches that crosses the Seven Seas lagoon from last week's photo!

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  1. no clue on the trivia, but I am so glad you get to go abroad again!! I want to go to London!! And Ireland, and Scotland, and Wales....but we too always end up at Disney!!! Are we crazy?!!! LOL!! Have a great time with your brother and takes gobs and gobs of photos for us stuck in the states!