Thursday, February 28, 2013

Epcot World Showcase Scavenger Hunt

Today I've got a challenge for all you Epcot lovers: it's a brand new Disney World Scavenger Hunt!  In the past I've posted scavenger hunts for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, and this one is dedicated to World Showcase.  I'll have to do another one just for Future World!

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Ready?  Try to name the location of all these Epcot details from memory, or print out the list and bring it along on your next trip. :) These are not in any particular order, so keep on the look out!

1. Where might you find this beautiful balustrade with its fine stone and rosy bricks and tiles?

2. Looking for a telephone?  Find this sign!

3. These birds aren't from the tiki room, but they are here every day - you can even take one home with you!  (Don't they look like they might be related to Jose?)

4.  Find some baskets spilling over with colorful yarns...

5. Need more cowbell?  Not to worry, there are lots of different bells in this display.

6. This pretzel is king!  Do you know where to find it? (Hint: there are lots of tasty treats to be found inside!)

7. Look out for some lovely lotus tiles and pretty windows somewhere in World Showcase.

8. Post any letters here!

9. Find a sign for Quilted Northern.

10. This is going to be a tricky one!  Somewhere in World Showcase there is a little owl statue sitting in the rafters to scare of all those pesky seagulls.

11. Which country will you find a graceful angel statue standing in?  (And is it just me, or does she look ever so slightly menacing?)

12. There's a mini "backeri" along the railway tracks...have you seen it?

13. When it's time to take a break, just make your way to this peaceful garden.

14. As Jane Austen says, "What are men to rocks and mountains?"  Here's a hint: these rocks may or may not be covered with flowers when you visit!

15. Above some display cases there is a landscape of steeples and sailing ships - do you know where it can be found?

16. Look for a tower atop a castle turret!

 17. Peek across the street at the Plume et Palette.

18. Finally, to the victor goes the spoils: find yourself a colorful chilly drink like this one! ;)

Find the answer key and more fun Disney World detail hunts here.


  1. how fun is that!! There were several that I knew right away and others I am having to ponder!! But yes, the angel I have to say is a leeeeetle creepy looking...that is the thing with those statues~the faces can really ruin them~ LOL!!

  2. Where can we find the answer sheets for the scavenger hunts? Thank you!

    1. You can find it on the scavenger hunts page:

  3. silly question - how do you print the list?