Friday, February 15, 2013

Coronado Colors

Happy Friday!
I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon, and it was awash with flowers and roses and cookies and all things pink.
I'm a fan of this.
To celebrate the weekend, I think we all deserve something colorful.  Something a little tropical.  Something bright, with lots of sunshine.  Today's update might not be full of pink, but it is full of flowers!
You are invited to be whisked away (just for the space of a blog post) to enjoy a beautiful blue sky afternoon at Coronado Springs...
...where even the bus stops look like they've been dropped straight from a paint palette.  Seriously.  Why do bus stops in the real world not look like this?
Even inside El Centro, the main check-in building at Coronado Springs, the hallways are bright and colorful and seem to bring the outside in with potted plants and trees.  I also love the way one wall of this corridor is just windows - it lets you enjoy the beauty of the Disney landscaping without having to venture out of the AC!
But we don't have to worry about Florida heat - this is the Internet! So we might as well venture out to see some flowers...
I love how those vines are just LEAPING up as if they can't possibly contain their excitement and stay behind the fence.  They remind me of the pumpkin vines in Cinderella that the fairy godmother sprinkled with pixie dust!  Also the pink flowers...
This fits in with Valentine's Day, right?  The petals even look a little like hearts!  I always wish I knew more about Disney flora - what variety of flower is this, I wonder?
And these lovely blue beauties...I wish I knew what they were called!
The Casitas are arguably the closest buildings to El Centro - and I think they're the prettiest!
PALM TREES.  Do I really need to say anything else?
Seriously, though, I love the Casitas.  The architecture (especially for a moderate resort!) is so interesting, and the colors are so bright.  I love those turquoise railings!
Even the bottoms of the fountains are bright with pretty tiles!
The landscaping is a big part of the charm of the Casitas.  Everywhere you turn there is another hidden foutain, or an avenue of palm trees, or a big bush of flowers just coming into bright blooms.
These palm fronds are reaching right into the walkway!
I guess I fibbed at the beginning of the post...there is plenty of pink in this update!
Love the way the room numbers have little frames.  #DisneyDetails
We haven't even strolled along by the water yet!
I see the Mayan Temple at the Dig Site Pool peeking out across the lake.  Do you also see the HAMMOCK?  No wonder I love this place.
More gorgeous Disney landscaping.  These bright orange flowers match the Casitas!
I once brought my bike over to Coronado Springs to ride around, and it was such a fabulous way to see everything.  They used to rent bikes here, but I didn't see them out when I was there last summer.  I don't know if it was just that day or if they're gone for good.  I was just searching for bike rentals on the Disney World website's recreation map, and Coronado Springs did not pop up as a bike rental location.  Hmmmm...
One last picture of yet more lovely flowers.  These ones are blushing in coral and yellow!
Totally Random Tidbit: Has anybody else used the Disney World online map?  I had never looked at it before today, and it looks awesome!  When you zoom in you can see little drawings of the resort and park layouts - the drawing of the Polynesian even has the Volcano from the Volcano Pool!


  1. In your 2nd floral close-up that's got the purple petals (it's the photo above the one with Casitas 3)..those are called Agapanthus. They sometimes go by Lily of the Nile. I ADORE these and have several in my flower beds.. I have never seen many photos of this resort...I guess because we never stay at Mods so I haven't looked up any!! LOL!! But the colors are amazing!!!

  2. I love bougainvillea (the red flower at the top) and agapanthus! We used to have these flowers all over the place in California (where I grew up). Now we are in the frozen north, haha. We are going to Coronado Springs in Feb. 2015 and I can't wait!

  3. Just saw your post on Coronado Springs Resort and I recognized the Bougainvillea vines right away because they're so plentiful in California where I grew up. They come in shades from red to purple to pink! I agree Coronado Springs resort is full of wonderful colors!