Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where to Watch Wishes: the Polynesian

Here is another post for all you Wishes fans!  We're going to take at a look at another popular perspective of the gorgeous Magic Kingdom fireworks show.  For this vantage point, you don't even have to enter the park.  All you have to do is head for the beach!
...the POLYNESIAN beach that is!!
There are fabulous spots to watch the fireworks all along the Polynesian Resort's beachfront and Sunset Pointe (where the above photo was taken).

Whenever I'm staying at the Polynesian, I LOVE that I can just pop out from my room to catch the fireworks.  Even when I wasn't staying there, I would often go over just for the evening, to have a little snack at Captain Cook's then sit in a hammock and watch the stars until it was time for Wishes.

If you're on the beach at 9pm you'll catch a bonus nighttime show - the Electrical Water Pageant!  It has been playing at the Polynesian beach, every night at 9pm, since 1971.  How awesome is that?

The great thing about watching Wishes at the Polynesian is that there are so many spots with great perspectives.  It's almost never crowded.

You get the castle.  You get the beautiful bursts of pixie dust.  You get those bursts reflected across the lagoon.  And then you get it all framed by palm trees.

Pretty much perfect.

The Polynesian is also a great place to watch special event fireworks if you don't want to have to actually attend the event or be in the park on a crowded day.  Here are the fireworks from Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

I can't remember if they pumped in the music for the Christmas fireworks...I seem to recall I could hear it, but it was really soft.

The Wishes soundtrack you can hear very well - but I always bring along my ipod (which has the soundtrack on it) just in case!

See - the palm trees definitely add to the fireworks experience. ;)

The finale of the special fireworks show is always the BEST.  I mean, the stream of fireworks at the usual Wishes is incredible, but this one is just BOSS.

The Polynesian is also a great place to watch the finale, because you can see the fireworks filling the horizon!

Red and green for Christmas!

One last photo from a regular Wishes night...I love the little boy in the foreground.

Wishes makes me feel the exact same way. :)


  1. I know they piped in the music for Hallowishes, but I don't know about MVMCP. My personal favorite viewing spot is Ohana :)

  2. Just wondering if this place is hard to find for someone who has never been