Friday, November 2, 2012

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

Today I'd like to pay homage to a Disney ride that has been very dear to my family, especially my four brothers...

No, not Space Mountain (although it looks pretty epic looming in the background there, doesn't it?): the Tomorrowland Speedway!

Ah, yes.  Many have been the times when, dashing into the Magic Kingdom after singing along to "Good Morning, Good MORNING!" at the opening ceremony, my family headed first for - not Dumbo, not Peter Pan.  No, not even Splash or Big Thunder.  The Speedway was our first stop.

For years we've had a little boy in the family who demanded that the first stop had to be the cars.  Dart, the youngest, is now ten and still in that prime Speedway age.  On one trip, we did the Speedway no fewer than FOUR times.

That, luckily, was during a quiet time of year.  On hot days especially, that line is best described as purgatory.  It moves at a snail's pace, it feels like you must be standing in the most scorching part of all of Florida, and you crawl along trying not to think about the cooler things you could be doing at WDW, instead of waiting an inordinately long time for a perfectly ordinary car ride.

Bitter?  Me??  No, why would you say such a thing...

OK, I'm being a little harsh.  I don't always get the appeal of the Speedway, but I do have to admit it's very colorful and photogenic...

I like all the palm fronds framing the shaded part of the line...and the fact that it's shaded...

The umbrellas are spiffy-looking, but full of false promise.  They don't provide any shade.

I do like how well-themed this ride is - there's even a press box and spectator area!

The race cars are quite sporty-looking.

One time when we were waiting, Dart and I had fun peering over into the Pit Row to see what was happening to the cars in the shop.

Once you actually get in the car and put your foot on the gas, this ride improves exponentially - I love the view of the castle you get from the bridge.

Sunset rides are always lovely....

Hey!  Watch out!  No bumping!

The very best part of the Speedway, though, is the look on Dart's face, and how excited he gets to be driving his very own racecar.  For him, this is pure Disney magic.

Thank You for Being a Part of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!  And thank you also for reading along!

Totally Random Tidbit: Al Unserbot, the official host of the Tomorrowland Indy 500, is the four-time winner of the Constellation Cup.  Google told me that much, but I cannot find the story behind the it a reference to a famous racer or imagineer or something??

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  1. I remember the days of it being a NECESSITY to ride this! During our Disneymoon, my husband and I rode during EMH just because we could. You're totally on point about that heat/sun though. It's ridiculous!