Friday, November 2, 2012

Restful Rocking Chairs

Hey all!  So Hurricane Sandy has me playing catch-up on the blog.  She knocked out power at my house earlier this week!
Thankfully we were all fine, and my mama snob was so prepared - she had little cook stoves and sterno cans to heat them plus flashlights and candles galore.  I sat writing letters by candlelight and felt very much like Jane Austen.
Luckily we were only out of power for a few days.  Definitely sending out thoughts and prayers to those affected by the storm.  Hope all you readers stayed safe as well!
So it's nice to have the internet back now, and though it's technically Friday, I'm still going to do this week's Wednesday Where trivia!
Somewhere in Walt Disney World is a rounded porch with some very restful rocking chairs.  On hot, crowded days it's like a little haven for exhausted park guests - I used to like to sit there and knit.  Do you know where it is???
Last week's photo was of a minty ceiling with very fancy plasterwork.  Maybe you'll recognize the spot if I show you another angle...
This is elegant area is in the England pavilion at Epcot, right across from the kidcot tables, near the Pooh and Friends Meet-n-Greet!


  1. Glad that power was your only issue with Hurricane Sandy! That was the same for us. We only lost the food in our fridge/freezer whereas so many in my area lost their homes and many lost their lives. They are still pulling victims out of wreckage. There are people fighting at gas stations as they wait for hours. There are people looting and robbing because they feel it's okay to take advantage at this point. It's really disgusting to read about, and I really appreciate all things Disney during these times because otherwise I get too stressed out and upset and then I feel sick!

    The rocking chairs are in Liberty Square, near Sleepy Hollow! When I finally saw them during a recent trip, I just HAD to sit there and relax a bit.

  2. I'm so glad you're ok, Rachel! That's terrible to hear about, hope things in your area get better soon. :(

  3. I know this has already been answered now, but those rocking chairs are one of my absolute FAVORITE places at Disney to sit and relax for a while. And, as a matter of fact, so are the wingback chairs in the England Pavilion picture!

    I'm glad to hear that you and your family are safe! Rachel, I'm SO sorry to hear about all the awful things going on. We obviously didn't get hit here in the South and I feel so fortunate when I consider all that others are going through.