Friday, November 9, 2012

BOMA. All Caps.

If there's one restaurant at Disney I could go to again and again and again and never get tired of, it would have to be BOMA.

OK, so actually that's a little bit of hyperbole, because obviously there are lots of utterly wonderful Disney restaurants - I mean, I've experienced dinner at Ohana's now too, and that's probably at least eqaul, but - it's just there's something about BOMA.

The mere thought of BOMA makes my heart skip a little and brings a giddy, greedy light into my eye.  I'm speaking of the dinner buffet, of course - nothing against breakfast; it's just you wouldn't get to experience BOMA's fourteen amazing desserts if you went to breakfast.

I wish I could increase my stomach capacity by at least a hundred when I go to BOMA.  And even when I'm just finishing dinner there and stumbling out into the gorgeous Jambo House lobby, stuffed to the gills, I immediately wish I could be magically hungry again and turn around and go back in and eat it all over again.

It's such a wonderful meal, that you always have to type it BOMA.  A mere "boma" or even "Boma" couldn't possibly express its wonderfulness.  To express all the excitement, all the beauty, all the flavor, you've gotta say it in ALL CAPS.

About this time last year, I had been working at Disney for a few months and was starting to feel the BOMA pull.  Luckily I had made some friends at the Boardwalk who were of the same mind, so we made a plan and an ADR - we were going to BOMA.

All the week beforehand, as we went about our work on the curbside and at the Front Desk, our upcoming meal was all we could talk about.  At the mere mention of the work BOMA we would do a mini happy dance.

And then at last the great day came.  I don't think I even ate breakfast.  I definitely didn't eat lunch.  I needed maximum hunger for DINNER!

We waited in the lovely Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby until our whole group was assembled, then headed down to the first floor!

One of the many things I love about BOMA is how exotic all the dishes are.  These were the names that greeted me when I first approached the buffet - Geelry's Rice, Zulu Cabbage, Fufu, and Chermoula Salmon.

You don't even know what half of those names mean, but you know they're going to be delicious!

This was the chermoula salmon -- chermoula is a delicious, Moroccan marinade and there were also pistachios involved.  I tried a little and it was fantastic!  In case you're wondering, fufu is like mashed sweet potoates.

Next came the MEAT.  I think there was something kinda out there simmering on that pan, like pork shoulder, but I bravely tried it (you gotta be brave and try everything when you're at Boma), and it was surprisingly tasty!

Also prime rib and pork I believe, and lots of spicy sauces!

...then some more veggies...

...with more crazy names!  I think chakalaka is my favorite name. for anything. ever. :)  I never thought the sweet corn and spinach pudding looked very appetizing, but one of my friends swore by it, so I gave it a try -- it was really smooth and lovely!

Then the SOUPS!  And we're barely halfway through the buffet, friends.  These were curried coconut seafood stew, zanzibar katoga soup (that's the one I tried - thick and smooth and really flavourful!), chicken corn porridge, lentin and sausage soup, butternut squash soup, and I'm fairly certain they had the classic peanut soup as well!

Next came the cold salads - I could've had a huge dinner with them alone!  This was the olive salad.  They also had papya, grapefruit, and AVOCADO salad (such a delicious but unexpected combination!); watermelon rind salad; spinach and quinoa salad; kool slai (like cole slaw...sorta); and curry pasta salad (AMAZING).

There were also a few others (if you can believe that!) - a potato one, a cucumber one, an artichoke one - but sadly I didn't take a photo of the names, so I can't remember what they were called!

Even the ordinary garden greens have such exotic dressings - apple vinaigrette, mango vinaigrette, chili cilantro vinaigrette!

But it's hard to concentrate on salad when the desserts are beckoning you from right down the buffet...

Be still.  My heart.  These are my three favorites - cinnamon chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse, and the incomparable ZEBRA DOME.

ALSO caramel cheesecake and kenyan coffee tartlets and a FANTASMASTIC passion fruit dome.  Not pictured, but also there: several varieties of cookies, brownies, a fruit cobbler, and a lovely banana and butterscotch bread pudding that I tried for the first time.

This was my plate.  My first plate.  Don't judge.  I don't think my friends did.  Then again, they were too busy eating to notice. ;)

I don't think I even mentioned every item of food on the buffet - if you guys can think of something I missed, you'll have to post it in the comments.  A few others were the really tasty spicy durban chicken, some kid's items, cornbread (or mealie bread), pita bread and hummus, and even fruit.  I mean, who is possibly going to have room to eat FRUIT with everything else to try???

This was my second plate.  You're still not judging, right??  At least it had spinach on it!

I should add, to prove I'm not a total glutton, that it was a long dinner and I did not actually finish every last thing on those plates.

But I did try.

I had POG (passion orange guava) juice to drink, and I think that was my undoing.  It was a little filling - I should have stuck with water.

One of my friends has a little zebra named Curby she carries in her purse like a mascot (because she's awesome like that), and this is how Curby felt by the end of the meal.  I could definitely feel the zebra.  I felt like someone was going to have to roll me out of Boma, I was SO full.

I did manage to make it out on my own, though, and a stroll around the lobby and out to Arusha Rock was the perfect after-dinner activity to bring me out of my food-induced stupor.

Writing this update has been cathartic.  I feel like I've been back to BOMA and tasted all that deliciousness all over again.

But you know what?

I'm still ready to go again. :)

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