Monday, October 29, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls as Big as Your Head

What with this big, scary storm making its way towards the Northeast, I'd say we need a warm and cozy sweet treat for this Monday!

I can't think of anything nicer on a wet day than a deliciously warm cinnamon bun!

And, of course, Disney cinnamon rolls (from the Main Street Bakery) are a cut above the rest, partly because they're LARGER than any other cinnamon bun you have ever laid eyes on, and also partly because they're just so tasty.

One of my favorite ways to spend a free afternoon was to bring my writing supplies and any letters I had to answer to the bakery, get a cinnamon roll, and settle in for a quiet - and delicious - time.

Once I had finished my letters, I could post them in the Main St. letter box right outside the bakery.  Writing letters is always fun, but there's an extra enjoyment when you get to slip them into a quaint Disney mailbox!

But back to our treat!  These cinnamon rolls are SO. MAMMOTH.  One cinnamon roll is like an entire meal - that's IF you can finish it in one sitting!  It's moist and sweet, and usually the CM will scoop on extra cinnamony drizzle so there's PLENTY of icing!

MMMMMM...definitely a sweet treat not to be missed!

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