Monday, September 10, 2012

Return of the Peanut Butter Chocolate

It smells like fall at my house today -- you know that lovely, fresh crisp smell that the air gets in autumn?  I'm not too sorry about summer ending...I missed the cold weather and crunching through the leaves last fall in Florida!
So since we have reached the end of summer, I figured instead of just posting about chilly treats on Monday's, I'd broaden it to Sweet Treat Monday!
There is nothing nicer on a chilly fall day than awarm, tasty maybe a cupcake!
To find today's cupcake we turn our attention to the Main Street Bakery.  For months, the Main St. Bakery seemed to always have two standard cupcake: a red velvet and an oreo cupcake.
But shortly before I left, they started mixing things up a bit, and that's when I discovered the peanut butter cupcake.
I ADORE peanut butter chocolate desserts - especially in cake form!  Lately it seems Disney has been returning to the peanut butter chocolate...I hear there's also a PB cupcake at the Contempo Cafe these days, and the peanut butter chocolate cake has also returned to the Boardwalk Bakery.
The peanut butter chocolate incarnation at Main St. is quite nice.  It's topped with chocolate drizzle and a mini peanut butter cup.

The icing is really good, and PB icing can be hard to get right.  It has to have just the right amount of peanut butter taste - not too much but not too little - but it shouldn't have the consistency of peanut butter.  This one was nice and creamy.

It was a little lopsided, but that's ok -- the ratio of peanut butter icing to chocolate cake was just perfect - there was a little bit of icing for every bite.

The day I bought this cupcake it actually was not out on display behind the counter, but I asked the CM and they got me one from the fridge.  So always ask, even if the flavor you want isn't out!

I'd give this cupcake very high points.  Sadly, I did not eat it on a cold, September day but on a muggy, July day - so it was extremely melty and messy, but you can't blame that on the cupcake!

It was almost the best peanut butter cupcake I ever had.  The best peanut butter cupcake I had at the Boardwalk Bakery last fall.  I haven't seen that flavor at the BB since then, but with all this resurgence of peanut butter chocolate, hopefully they'll bring it back!

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