Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Disney Cake Time

Today, I feel like cake.
I don't know why.
But then, do I really need a reason?
And since I don't have any cake in the house, I figure I'll write about cake.  Disney cake.
'Cause, obviously, that's the best kind.
Today's cake comes from the Boardwalk Bakery!
There are several things I'd like to point out amidst the general deliciousness of the above photo.
First, direct your attention to the two-tiered mini cake at the very bottom.  Did you know you can buy those - like, just over the counter without ordering it in advance?  I know, me neither!
I'm not sure the BB has them in stock every day, but when they do you can purchase one, and they'll even write a message in chocolate along the paper base.
One night when I was working on the concierge desk at the Boardwalk, a sweet little boy and his dad came up looking for advice on an anniversary surprise for the mom - they asked if I knew anything about said mini cakes.  I did not, but it was easy to ring up the bakery and find out!  They had only a few mini cakes left, but they put one aside and wrote "I Love You" on the base - SO cute, I bet the mom liked it!
I wish I could remember how much they were.  I want to say $16.99, but my memory may be a bit optimistic there, and it might be more like $22.99...something like that!
ANYway.  That's one interesting cake tidbit.
The second thing to notice in that earlier photo is the PEANUT BUTTER CAKE.
Yes, the peanut butter cake is indeed returned to the Boardwalk Bakery.  It's $4.29 and it is quite delicious - I could've done with just a smidge more of the lovely icing, but overall really tasty.
Peanut butter chocolate has been a trend on the blog lately.  LOL.
I think we'll make this a trio of Boardwalk Bakery cakes and finish off the post with just one more mouse-inspired delicacy...
How adorable is this little Mickey cake?  It's one of the more expensive bakery items at $5.29, but it does count as a snack credit!
The outside is covered in chocolate ganache which was amazing.  The inside was confetti cake which, to tell the truth, was a little dry.  But it was so cute you didn't mind!

Hope it was a sweet Monday! 

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