Monday, August 6, 2012

Earl of...Smoothies?

Earl of Sandwich is generally acknowledged to be the purveyor of some of the very finest (if not the absolute tastiest) sandwiches in the world.

But did you know they have a very fine smoothie as well?

Allow me to introduce you to the Earl of Sandwich smoothie ($3.99).  This one is the triple berry -- creamy, fruity, and wonderful.

The blueberry taste kinda overshadowed whatever other two berries are included in there, but still - it was entirely delicious and refreshing.  I wouldn't quite put it on the same level as the Auntie Gravity smoothie, but I'd say it comes in a close second.

The Downtown Disney Earl of Sandwich also offers several other yummy smoothie flavors: strawberry bananaHawaiian (with pineapple and coconut...super delish!), chocolate and banana (that's on my list to try), as well as assorted frozen lattes (not smoothies but still chilly treats!). 

The smoothies go great with the lovely breakfast sandwiches available at EoS, but then they also go perfectly with the one and only Original roast beef sandwich:

You didn't think I couldn't get through a post about Earl of Sandwich without showing a pic of this beauty, did you??  Also a must-have is the brownie sandwich...only $2.50, two brownies with vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter (AMAZING!!) creme sandwiched between them - so SO delish.

From incredible sandwiches to chilly treats, Earl of Sandwich just has it all. :)

Totally Random Tidbit: Did you know Earl of Sandwich offers a 15% AAA discount?  Just bring your card along!

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  1. Hehe I love your obsession with smoothies. It's adorable.