Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Messy Paint Box

So the last time I was at Disney World I was doing some painting, and I left my paint box behind!  Has anyone happened to have seen it??

LOL, ok, so I won't be calling Lost and Found anytime soon because it's not really my paint box.  I'm not that messy when I paint!  It's this week's Wednesday Where trivia photo!  Have you spotted this little scene somewhere in the "World?"

And the answer to last week's trivia...that rooster is hidden in a really grand cafe...

Yep, it's at the Grand Floridian Cafe!


  1. OH! I think I know this one! It's in France at Epcot!

  2. It is in France in World Showcase!

  3. Is this France in World Showcase?

  4. It's in the France Pavillion in Epcot! (I also spell Pavillion with a different number of l's everytime I write it out).

  5. I'm going to go with Backlot Express??
    How much longer will you be at WDW? We arrive at the Boardwalk one month from today!

    Would be great to see you again before youre gone

    --Tanya Mom3sonstt

  6. is that paint box in the France area of Epcot? I was thinking down in that little canal with the canoe and the bicycle....