Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm with the Band

One of the most wonderful things about Walt Disney World, as we all know, is how very many different experiences there are to be had.  Every time you go, no matter how many times you've been, you discover something new.

One afternoon at the Magic Kingdom I was delighted by such a new discovery.

I had come to the MK on a day off, but I didn't have a whole lot of time and couldn't decide what to do.  Wandering thus, I found myself in Liberty Square, when I noticed these dapper gentlemen in red and white walking past me.

The Main Street Philharmonic!  I had never seen them perform before -- only in passing, so I found a spot beneath a shady tree outside the Hall of Presidents to watch the show.

I was expecting to be mildly entertained and to check it off my list-of-things-at-Disney-I've-done/seen.  I was not expecting to love it, but I did!

The band members stood in front of the Christmas store and struck up their first song...but half-way through, the tones of another trumpet came from across the way, behind me in front of HOP.

One of the trumpeters had been hiding over there and surprised us all!  It was a really fun touch -- and when he finished his solo, he positively leapt across the pavement to join the rest of the band!

The red and white flowers of Liberty Square matched their uniforms!

These band members had so much personality.  In between songs they were cracking jokes and making fun of each other.  A couple standing amongst the crowd was getting a picture of themselves with the band in the background; and two of the trumpets, still playing the song, walked over and posed right next to them!  There was also a rogue photopass photographer snapping shots of the crowd and of the kids dancing, etc!

They really encouraged the audience to be a part of the show too -- a lady got up and started dancing with them.  And when they played When the Saints Come Marching In, they wanted us to all sing along -- one guest even burst out in a solo, singing the echo part!  It made for such a fun atmosphere!

There was lots of jibing between the sections -- something I remember well from my marching band days at ND!  A trumpet myself, I cheered for them of course. ;)

The Main Street Band only has brass instruments (they explained they didn't need the others...a tongue-in-cheek disdain of winds seems to be a universal characteristic of brass instrumentalists, lol!).  At one point they announced they were going to play John Phillip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever.

Piccolos have an important part in Stars and Stripes (you know, the part that goes doodloododoodo, but the Main Street band explained that the sousaphones were going to bravely take on the piccolo part.  And you know what -- they did a STELLAR job with it!!  In every song they played they sounded fantastic.


If you see the Main Street Band passing by, I'd highly recommend stopping to watch their show.  They give a magical performance!


  1. Hubby and I caught the last half of their show recently, and oh man, it was so good! I didn't even mind standing out in the blazing sun because I was so entertained. I too didn't think it was going to be THAT fantastic! I wanted to stop and watch because I was in the marching band/concert band in high school. Haha, I was part of the winds though because I played the flute! Hubby was in the chorus at his school, so we have friendly arguments about which is better. I said, "See, Disney doesn't bother having a chorus walk around to entertain people~" haha.

  2. Clearly we are on the same wavelength lately. I also wrote about this band in the same post as the lilacs. You are so right. They have personality and are crowd pleasers. I loved that little silly guy! :)

  3. very cool!! Fellow flutist here!

  4. On recent trips, we take more and more time in MK for the musical street performances. On our last trip, we caught their show twice, as well as our first time catching the Dapper Dans, and the Main St. sax quartet (DS's fave, as he is a tenor player). Really top-notch players and performers. One of the lesser-known attractions at WDW that really rates!

    Best always, MSF