Monday, July 16, 2012

Chasing down a New Dream

Well, I have some news to share with you blog readers today.

I’ve decided to leave my job at Disney. 

Working at the heart of the magic has been a wonderful experience; and I have learnt so, so, SO much over the course of my almost-a-year here.  I had always wanted to be a cast member, and I'm so glad that dream came true.

I've really missed being near my family, though, and I also really missed doing more creative work and writing.  I could have stuck around and worked my way up to a creative position with Disney, but I realized that I don’t have to be writing for Disney to be happy.  I just want to be writing.

So now I’m going to be back at home - I got the opportunity to work on a freelance project, writing a local interest/travel book about my area.

I am so excited about the new project, but I will certainly miss the hustle and the bustle of the Boardwalk.  I'll miss interacting with guests and popping into the theme parks and resorts every week, but I feel like this is the right time to come home, and chase down a new dream!

Ironically, leaving Disney is good news for the blog.  Now I’ll actually have time to post all the stories and photos that I’ve been piling up during these months!
My love for Disney certainly won't be limited by being away from it...and I'm sure I'll be back on vacations.  My brother will still be working at Disney, and you gotta visit your family, right?

In fact, I'll be going on a Disney vacation this summer right after I finish!  My family is coming down to Florida soon, and we're going to have a fantastic trip together.  I’m kinda excited to go back to being a Disney guest - though I'm sure there'll be times when the cast member in me comes back out!

I may be leaving Florida, but I'm bringing the pixie dust with me, and there is plenty more of it to come!


  1. Part of me is sad hearing that you're not going to be a CM anymore, but I also completely understand why you'd want to be with your family. From your DIS TRs, you guys seem EXTREMELY close, and I can't imagine what it's like to be away from them for so long.

    Thankfully, I know you guys will still have your vacations!

    Also, congratulations on the freelance project! Must be so exciting that you get to WRITE!

  2. Your past year has given all of us an insight into both the magic, and the reality of Disney World. The fact that you and your family still return to WDW speaks volumes of the continued specialness to be found there, even by those "on the inside". Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us. You have surely made the magic a bit more special for us all.

    Congratulations on your new venture, and the next step in reaching more people with your creative writing. Wishing you continued pixie dust in this next chapter of your life!

    Best always,


  3. I know that was a tough decision!!! I felt so sad when I read it!! I was hoping you would be there for my next trip!!!! But, you do what you think is right!! Just keep us all updated/posted on the new parts of your life and we will be here reading with you!!!!

  4. You guys are so sweet! I'm so glad you've all come along for the ride. :) The best part of blogging is making friends like you all!

  5. Miss Emma, when are you leaving the World? We were hoping to get a glimpse of you in August! :-)


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