Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Spectacular Ceiling

As the one and only Pooh Bear would say, Happy Windsday!

(...or is it Gopher who says that??)

ANYway, it's time to find a thoughtful spot to comtemplate this week's trivia photo!

Somewhere in Walt Disney World you will get a sore neck staring up at this absolutely gorgeously ornate ceiling.  Where might it be??

...and the answer to last week's query...

The lovely lilac-filled window box can indeed be found on your way from Fantasyland to Liberty Square.  It is outside the windows of the second floor seating at Columbia Harbour House


  1. It's the Temple of Heaven in the China Pavilion! Have you ever tried that whispering thing due to it having perfect acoustics? I think I was doing the wrong thing, so I have to go back and try again!

  2. I believe this is the entrance to Reflections of China in the China pavilion in Epcot

  3. is it in the 360 round thing in China? I never know what you call that place...

  4. It's in Epcot in China :)

  5. Great job guys, you've got it!