Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday's are for Chilly Treats!

Happy Monday!  Hope y'all's weeks are off to a magical start!

I'm pretty excited, cause today we are going to start a brand new pinch of pixie dust every Monday, a new Disney Treat series!

School is out, and it is SUMMERTIME.   And while Disney cupcakes are obviously fantabulous anytime of year, I thought we'd celebrate summer here on the blog with some Disney desserts that are just made for the hot weather.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Chilly Treat Monday!  This summer we're going to delve into all the best smoothies, icee's, milkshakes, and ice creams that Walt Disney World has to offer!

To start our quest for magical chilly treats, I think we should begin with a sweet that is as adorable as its name:

This is a Frozen Sunshine.  With the pretty orange color, the frothy whipped cream, and the candied oranges I'd say it rather does look like a frozen ray of a beautiful sunset! This drink is a specialty of the house at Beaches and Cream.

Beaches and Cream is such a summertime sort-of spot, with the bright colors and Stormalong Bay right outside...

I normally lean towards more chocolaty milkshakes and malts, but the name caught my eye on the menu when I was having lunch at B&C one day with my brother, and I couldn't resist!

Orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, and seltzer.  It was so delicious and refreshing -- like a liquid creamsicle!

Hope your Monday is full of sunshine...frozen or otherwise!


  1. This is right up Belle's alley! She loves frosty orange treats.

    Yup! I just showed her the picture. She said 'MMMMM!!! That looks very delicious!'

  2. Just coming out of lurking to say that your cupcake poster just popped up on my facebook!!! I am impressed! Makes me soooo want to be there right now, eating my weight in cupcakes!
    Natalie B.

  3. I love the Frozen Sunshine!!! Have been known to walk all the way from Epcot just to have one.