Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mechanical Mickey

Happy Winds-day everybody!  Ready for your weekly Disney trivia?

Can you tell me where this mechanical mouse can be found??

And good work on last week's was indeed Adrian and Edith's Head to Toe Shop at Hollywood Studios!

Totally Random Tidbit: Did you know that Edith Head ("Head" was her last name - hence the name of the store at DHS!) and Adrian were famous Hollywood designers?  I was just watching a flick on Turner Classic movies the other night and noticed the costumer was Edith Head!


  1. Rock-n-Roller coaster dump shop?

  2. Edith Head created some of the most BEAUTIFUL Hollywood designs!!! I love her style!!! And I love your new cards!!!

  3. Thanks Shawna! :)

    The photo isn't from Hollywood Studios, but ride dump shop is thinking along the right lines... ;)

  4. Got to be Test Track, baybee!!

  5. It looks like it's from Test Track, or at least Mouse Gears, doesn't it? But turns out it's in the gift shop at Mission Space, to the left of the doors on your way out!