Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hollywood Studios Scavenger Hunt

Today's pinch of pixie dust is going to put your Disney knowledge to the test again!

In the past, I've put together an Animal Kingdom Scavenger Hunt, but today we're looking at half-hidden details from a different park...

Your objective: Hollywood Studios.  Find as many of the items listed below either on your next trip in person or just from memory.  Good luck!

1. Find this funky Mickey mirror...

2. Looking for a place to stay?  There's an apartment to let somewhere at DHS!

3. Keep on the look out for this letter "T" in stained glass!

4. Hop a ride on the L, but don't linger too long!  It's kinda creepy round here...

5. Can you spot this very California-looking architecture?

6. Locate this lovely old's gotten rather dusty...

7.  If you need a tux, Frankie's Formalwear has got you covered!

8. Find some colorful flags swaying in the breeze!

9. Where can you find this gorgeous red room?

10.  Somewhere in Hollywood Studios there is a Banana Co. Beach hut!

11.  The beautiful architectural details are some of the most fun to noticed at DHS.  Be on the look out for this gorgeous plaster work!


12. Main Street is famous for its windows, but did you know there are some pretty funny ones at Hollywood Studios as well?  This one is for the International Brotherhood of Second Assistant Directors.  The logo below reads "We're Standing Behind You!"


13. Can you spot this funky skyward spiral?

14. Locate this white tower at Sunset Ranch Market!

15. I'm not quite sure what this odd-looking rock with flowers growing out of the top is, but it looks pretty cool!

16. Use your eyes and ears to find this one!


17. Find a golden globe held aloft!

18. Last one!  I might have shared this pic before, but I couldn't know where to find the cupcake, now find this sweet little courtyard with hanging flowers to eat it in!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. You have successfully made me want to go back. There are quite of few of these I don't know. Such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to see the Muppets were not ignored ;)