Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Elegant Miss

I was looking at old Disney photos (all the way back from 2007 actually!) and came across this one.  For a minute I could not remember where it had been taken, so I figured it'd be the perfect pic for this week's trivia challenge! :)

Can you tell me where in the World you'll find this elegant miss?  (I'm almost sure she's still there)


  1. Normally, I am really good at the details; but this one has me stumped! I want to say it looks like it belongs on a shop in DHS on Hollywood Blvd. Any luck?

    Best always, MSF

  2. That is Adrian and Edith's Head to Toe store in DHS! It is on Hollywood Boulevard.

  3. You've got it MSF and Ari! Great job!