Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cosy Courtyards at the Polynesian

I don't know about you, but personally I think it has been waaaaay too long since I posted about the Polynesian.

So for this weekend's quiet corner, I thought we would return to that most magical of tropical paradises to explore what cosy nooks and corners the
Polynesian has to offer!

I go to the Polynesian quite often.  Some of the security guards know me when I come through the gate.  LOL.  There aren't many corners of the Poly that I haven't traversed - but there was one day when I found a new tropical spot, or at least new to me.

To get there, you go out through Captain Cook's (maybe stop to grab some Gold Peak Citrus White Tea, that stuff is delicious), but instead of walking right past all the tables and going straight down to the beach, as I often do, you stop and have a look around.

These tables are surrounded by larger than life tropical plants and fronds and shaded by towering palm trees.  Often the tables right outside the Captain Cook doors are rather busy - and there's lots of coming and going right there too - but if you turn to your left and follow the building down, you'll find the quiet corner I'm talking about...

It's a little courtyard-almost-type area with only one or two tables, but it's tucked further away from Captain Cook's, so people don't usually notice it.  It's actually right outside the windows to the arcade (though there's no door to the arcade).

See all that tropical foliage I was talking about?  And this view you have all to yourself!

This is the view looking down from the quiet courtyard to the main outdoor seating for Captain Cook's.  I don't know why, but this little courtyard just felt so sweet and secluded to me.  I feel like you could have it sectioned off and have some fun small event or cocktail party here!

And, of course, one of the best parts about any cosy spot at the Polynesian is that you are never too far away from this beautiful sight...

Hope it's a magical weekend!

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