Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cosy Courtyards at the Polynesian

I don't know about you, but personally I think it has been waaaaay too long since I posted about the Polynesian.

So for this weekend's quiet corner, I thought we would return to that most magical of tropical paradises to explore what cosy nooks and corners the
Polynesian has to offer!

I go to the Polynesian quite often.  Some of the security guards know me when I come through the gate.  LOL.  There aren't many corners of the Poly that I haven't traversed - but there was one day when I found a new tropical spot, or at least new to me.

To get there, you go out through Captain Cook's (maybe stop to grab some Gold Peak Citrus White Tea, that stuff is delicious), but instead of walking right past all the tables and going straight down to the beach, as I often do, you stop and have a look around.

These tables are surrounded by larger than life tropical plants and fronds and shaded by towering palm trees.  Often the tables right outside the Captain Cook doors are rather busy - and there's lots of coming and going right there too - but if you turn to your left and follow the building down, you'll find the quiet corner I'm talking about...

It's a little courtyard-almost-type area with only one or two tables, but it's tucked further away from Captain Cook's, so people don't usually notice it.  It's actually right outside the windows to the arcade (though there's no door to the arcade).

See all that tropical foliage I was talking about?  And this view you have all to yourself!

This is the view looking down from the quiet courtyard to the main outdoor seating for Captain Cook's.  I don't know why, but this little courtyard just felt so sweet and secluded to me.  I feel like you could have it sectioned off and have some fun small event or cocktail party here!

And, of course, one of the best parts about any cosy spot at the Polynesian is that you are never too far away from this beautiful sight...

Hope it's a magical weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hollywood Studios Scavenger Hunt

Today's pinch of pixie dust is going to put your Disney knowledge to the test again!

In the past, I've put together an Animal Kingdom Scavenger Hunt, but today we're looking at half-hidden details from a different park...

Your objective: Hollywood Studios.  Find as many of the items listed below either on your next trip in person or just from memory.  Good luck!

1. Find this funky Mickey mirror...

2. Looking for a place to stay?  There's an apartment to let somewhere at DHS!

3. Keep on the look out for this letter "T" in stained glass!

4. Hop a ride on the L, but don't linger too long!  It's kinda creepy round here...

5. Can you spot this very California-looking architecture?

6. Locate this lovely old's gotten rather dusty...

7.  If you need a tux, Frankie's Formalwear has got you covered!

8. Find some colorful flags swaying in the breeze!

9. Where can you find this gorgeous red room?

10.  Somewhere in Hollywood Studios there is a Banana Co. Beach hut!

11.  The beautiful architectural details are some of the most fun to noticed at DHS.  Be on the look out for this gorgeous plaster work!


12. Main Street is famous for its windows, but did you know there are some pretty funny ones at Hollywood Studios as well?  This one is for the International Brotherhood of Second Assistant Directors.  The logo below reads "We're Standing Behind You!"


13. Can you spot this funky skyward spiral?

14. Locate this white tower at Sunset Ranch Market!

15. I'm not quite sure what this odd-looking rock with flowers growing out of the top is, but it looks pretty cool!

16. Use your eyes and ears to find this one!


17. Find a golden globe held aloft!

18. Last one!  I might have shared this pic before, but I couldn't know where to find the cupcake, now find this sweet little courtyard with hanging flowers to eat it in!

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Fabulous Utility Box

We're halfway through the week, and it's time to sharpen your Disney wits!

Now we all love the details at Disney World -- especially ordinary, necessary things like a lamp or a light switch that Disney transforms into something extraordinary.

A utility box, for instance, could be a really blah element in a space...but not this one!

Do you know where this interesting box for a gas shut off valve can be found?

And while you ponder that Disney query, I thought I'd share the answers to some previous weeks' trivia...

Animal Kingdom Lodge was a great guess for last week's photo, but one of our anonymous commenters got it...


This tropical sconce is actually located at the Polynesian, right next to the bathrooms leading down the hallway to Captain Cook's!

Also the mechanical mickey was a tricky can find him hidden behind the pin racks in the Mission Space dump shop, right next to the doors.  Take a look the next time you're in Future World!

Crunchy Munchy Brunch at Downtown Disney

I have an absolutely scrum.diddly.umptious (read: totally yummybreakfast, or brunch if you prefer, to share with you all today!

As you probably already deduced from the title, that breakfast is located at Downtown Disney!

There are really only two breakfast options at DTD, but both are very tasty and worth the trip.  The first is Earl of Sandwich, which opens at 8:30 and has some quite lovely breakfast sandwiches (of course).

The second option and the topic of today's post is Wolfgang Puck Express, which opens at 9:00.


It's never too early in the AM for photos!

So many tasty choices!  But I already had a dear friend Sunni had told me about the Crispy Cornflake French Toast, and I was determined to try it!

Wolfgang Puck's main dining room...they finished a rehab here not too long ago and have a beautiful new area added onto the back of the restaurant.

It never ceases to amaze me how swiftly things can change at Disney.  Just in February (which somehow doesn't feel like four months ago!) I had lunch here with Sunni and her lovely family when they were visiting Disney, and none of this new section was here!

A table in the sunshine, yes please!  Wolfgang Puck Express is a counter service - you order at the register, they give you a number, and you choose your own table.  Then a waiter brings you your food - on real plates and silverware too.  I hear this is how the new Be Our Guest restaurant is going to work for a counter service lunch - can't wait for that!

But back to the meal at hand -- here's the crispy corn flake french toast!!

It was just so pretty with the fresh strawberries and banana slices, I almost didn't want to eat it!

...but of course I did!  And it was just as tasty as it looked!  Cinnamonny and soft on the inside, with the crunch and texture of the cornflakes on the outside - the perfect combination - and the fresh fruit for a fabulous finish!

I would never have thought to put corn flakes and french toast together like this, but it was a truly stellar combination, just delish!

Mmmm. mmmm.  I finished every bite!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Anandapur Chai

For today's chilly treat we are going to have to venture into the jungle!

Mysterious mountains loom on the horizon near our next delicious drink...

It's actually not a Coca Cola Frozen Drink, but it's not far from DrinkWallah...

You gotta love all the funky names and signs in Asia.  This one always makes me think of Apa the Air Bison.  Yip Yip!

Whether you arrive by flying yak or some other mode of transportation, your destination is the Royal Anandapur Tea Company!  You can see it in the background of the pic.  It's right across from the Yak and Yeti counter service, surrounded by these cool little stone animals...

Aren't they funky?  But the main attraction isn't the statues, it's the teas and lattes and frozen concoctions!

Now there is a plethora of interesting hot teas to be tried, but it was a hot day, and I felt like a chilly drink.  This was the frozen chai latteIt tasted like a tea slushie with coffee undertones.  LOL.  It was very good and refreshing!


The perfect place to sample this frozen libation is in a little hut back near the bridge.  See it there on the left?

On hot days this little carved cottage is the perfect place to find some shade.  And even on crowded days, there is rarely anyone in it.  Unless, of course, I happen to be in the AK that day. ;)

Hope it's a magical Monday!