Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Fresh Start

This morning, I had a revelation.

I was cruising the internet, looking at various adorable blogs out there (which, as an aside, there are SO many of.  it's totally overwhelming. ).

ANYway, I was realizing that many of said cute blogs have quite short posts.  This rather struck me, as my posts can be behemoths, long and photo-heavy.  Partly perhaps this is due to my trip report instincts from the DIS - I'm trying to pack as many pictures and crumbs of info in as possible.

But, to be honest, those posts take a rather long time to prepare (as those of you who have written trip reports and/or write your own blogs will know!).  Part of the reason I don't post as often as I like is because getting the photos uploaded and wrestling with Blogger to get them all in a nice layout is a lengthy business.

SO.  What I realized is that not every post I write needs to be a packhorse for tons and tons of Disney details.  I've got space.  I've got room.  The internet is a big place, after all. 

Now I'm sure the detailed posts will still make appearances...sometimes you get on a roll and just can't stop!  But I'm going to try to intersperse the novel-long posts with more post-it long posts.  Who knows, I may even (GASP) post about something non-Disney once in awhile.


  1. I'm excited to read the new style of posts!

  2. You could also spend the time you currently write one behemoth post and break the same amount up into scheduled posts so that we get a little each day. :-)


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