Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bachelorette Meets Jane Austen

I have a confession to make.

But, you know, this season I’m actually not as ashamed of it as I have been in the past.  This has been a very different and much better season than normal.

I think it has a lot to do with Emily.  I wasn’t sure how I would like her as the new bachelorette – it was so sad that she and Brad didn’t work out, they seemed so in love...

But Emily has turned out to be utterly fabulous.  She’s funny and cute and seems just. real.  She’s like a Southern Jane Austen heroine.  And there’s not as much schmaltzy, meaningless talk about ‘connections’ as there has been in previous seasons.  Emily knows what she wants and cuts straight to the point.  If a guy doesn’t seem like he’s ready for ‘marriage and babies,’ he gets the boot immediately.

I finding myself watching the show this season, instead of just leaving it on in the background and poking fun at it with my Mom (although the poking fun definitely still happens ;)).  If ABC could take a lesson from Emily and give us more sensible bachelors and bachelorettes in the future, that would be wonderful.

If Jane Austen had ever had a Southern heroine (and lived in a different country and era, of course…), I bet that heroine would have been a lot like Emily.

But that begs the question: which of the men in Jane Austen’s novels would Emily’s bachelors be?

Charlie -- Mr. Bingley.  Friendly, jovial, charming, has secret insecurities...they even both are named Charles – he’s totally Bingley.  Don’t think that Emily will end up as his Jane Bennett though…

Stevie –- Mr. Collins. Ever wonder what Mr. Collins would look like if he tried to do hip hop dancing?  Picture Stevie.  I do feel a little bad over this match-up, cause poor Stevie wasn’t exactly pompous or anything – but c’mon: that simper?  It had Slimy-Mr-Collins written all over it.  But don’t worry man, there’s a Charlotte Lucas out there for you somewhere.

Travis –- Mr. Rushworth. He’s bumbling.  He’s goofy.  He’s Rushworth.  Although Mr. Rushworth never actually tries to impress a girl with an ostrich egg in Mansfield Park, it’s something I can just see him doing.

Jef –- Mr. De Courcy.  Reginald De Courcy, in case you don’t know, is the hero in Lady Susan, one of Jane Austen’s early works (by the by, if you haven’t read LS, go, read it now. It’s short, witty, perfect summer read).  ANYway, Mr. De Courcy, like Jef, is young, rich, slightly cocky, but somehow adorably hapless too.  And very cute.  I’m a fan of Jef.

Ryan -- Mr. Wickham.  Ryan appeared to be a nice guy at the beginning and a strong contender.  But I think we can agree from the promos: next week the crazy's comin' out.

Kalon -– Robert Ferrars.  This dude is so obnoxious I had to dig deeper than even an Elton or a Collins to find the right match for him.  But I think I found it: Kalon is Robert Ferrars.  Can’t you just imagine Edward’s pretentious brother from Sense and Sensibility saying something like, ‘I love it when you talk, but I wish you’d let me finish.’ It just leaves your mouth open in shock and your eyes glittering with gleeful disgust.  Next week, I bet Kalon will be talking about how excessively fond of a cottage he is.

Doug –- Mr. Eliot. Seems like a put-together sort-of guy at first glance, and yet…I just can’t read his face, and I’m not sure I trust him.  Just how Anne felt about Mr. Eliot in Persuasion.

Nate Mr. Cox.  Can’t remember Mr. Cox?  Exactly.

John -– Mr. Willoughby.  To be fair, this dude might be nice, and we know very little about him.  But then the Dashwoods knew very little about Willoughby and thought he might be nice!  There are certain moments when John just looks like a Willoughby.

Tony -– Captain Bennick.  There aren’t many emotional men in Jane Austen, isn’t that interesting?  But I think Capt. Bennick of Persuasion is a good fit for Tony - in both their stories, the heroine, though not at all into the guy, comforts him during his time of over-emotional sorrow…and then urges him to move on.  My advice to Tony: look for women who have recently taken a tumble from the ramparts.


Now the three most notable absences from this list will be Arie, Sean, and Chris.  But I couldn’t assign them to a character, because I have a feeling one of them will end up as the hero (I haven’t even looked at Reality Steve. I promise. yet.).

So who will emerge as Mr. Darcy?  We’ll just have to watch and find out!!

Totally Random Tidbit: did you know Masterpiece has a web page dedicated solely to the men of Jane Austen??  I approve of this.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

100 Pinches of Pixie Dust

Thanks for reading along so far, guys!  Here's to the next 100 pinches of pixie dust!

Wednesday Windowscape

It's Wednesday!  We're halfway through the week, and I've got a Disney trivia photo...

SO.  Can you tell me where this lovely windowscape is??

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quiet Corners by the Savanna

Sooo....I'm afraid it's been awhile since I've done a "cosy spots around Disney" post.  I did mean to try to make it a weekly theme, every Saturday, like cupcakes on Monday.

But something always seemed to get in the way: the family calling on skype...or a cricket that somehow got into the laundry room (oh the joys of living in Florida!) and was chirping SO LOUDLY I couldn't hear myself think and had to hunt it out and vacuum it up (sorry cricket).

But at last I have a quiet Saturday night on which to write about quiet corners at Walt Disney World, and as one of my favorite quotes from George Eliot goes: "It is never too late to be what you might have been."

It is also, I presume, never too late to blog what you meant to have blogged!  Ready?

Can you guess where it is?  I know this photo is very ordinary, but the sky is just so pretty.  One night not too long ago I was walking up to the lobby of this place to find a quiet corner.  Already the surroundings looked auspicious -- the evening sun was glinting gorgeously in the sky, making the palm trees into an elegant silhouette...

I bet you know where it is now!  There's been a very Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-ish sort of mood on the blog lately, hasn't there?   We've done Jambo House so now we might as well do Kidani!  I love those lanterns all over the place...

The first place I went was one of the balconies off the lounge to have a look at the sunset over the savanna!

palm treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!


I loved the lamps out there.  It was mild out that day, and very windy -- the lamps were actually blowing about quite a bit!

African-style rocking chairs are rather nice.  Not quite as nice as a hammock, but still.

If you know Kidani, you'll know that the balcony I was on is just off of this lovely little lounge.  I think it might be called the library, but there didn't seem to be any books in it, so then again maybe not.  I really like how Disney Vacation Club properties all seem to have their own comfy rooms like this...the Wilderness Lodge Villas have a really nice one too, with train displays and big leather chairs.


I love how the lamps on the left look like tribal boats sailing off into the sunset.  Being a lighting/lamp designer at Disney World must just be boss, especially when it comes to places like Kidani.

There were multiple cosy nooks for my several books and I to ensconse ourselves in this little lounge.  I could sit bt the window...

...funky details...

...or I could sit snugly before the fireplace.

Creative fireplace screen designers must also really have a great time at Disney...

The best cosy spaces at Disney are the ones where you can change your seat and enjoy the space from several different perspectives.  This lounge definitely had that!  And it was so quiet -- barely a single other soul came in the whole time I was sitting there.  It was late afternoon/early maybe they were all at dinner?

Shortly before I left some cast members did come in and set up all these drums as part of kids' was SO quiet though, that they didn't get many kids!

A fun feature in this savanna-side lounge was a tapestry full of the names of the very first families who signed up for DVC at Kidani.  I love the script they used, and the creepy crawlies turned into letters - so fun!

We'll end with a quote (there are so many good quotes scattered around Kidani!): "Friendship doubles joy and halves grief."  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Merry Olde England

Can you guys believe we're almost into JUNE?  I know I can't!
Speaking of the end of May, it is also sadly the end of the Flower and Garden Festival.  Sniff.  I know the festival started on March 7th, so it has been going on for over two months, but somehow I felt like it went by in a flash!

So to celebrate spring while we've still got it, I thought I'd share a few more pics from Flower and Garden, specifically from one of my favorite pavilions...'s the United Kingdom of course!  Now during the whole rest of the year I'm basically obsessed with all things British - Jane Austen, tea, Will and Kate...the list goes on... but during Flower and Garden I'm especially attached to Epcot's version of merry olde england cause it's so gosh darn PRETTY!


I love the way the little courtyard (that you see when you approach from the International Gateway side) is just awash with flowers and greenery...

How lovely is this??  The Flower and Garden festival definitely makes me wish for a green thumb and a little garden of my own!  (Most especially if I could have that garden in England, lol!)


More charming corners around the UK pavilion, all filled with flowers!

I love flowers that float in water.  Flowers that float in the air also meet with my approval!

Some bushy hanging blooms outside of the Rose and Crown...


These photos aren't especially flowery...I mainly included them just because the buildings and windows and flower boxes are so cute!  Can't you just imagine Elizabeth Bennett or Emma Wodehouse just stepping out of that shop?

Another thing I adore about the UK during Flower & garden is these GIANT tea cup planters.  I mean, this tea cup has a MINI ORANGE TREE growing out of it!!


...yet more tea cups set in the sea of flowers!

There was apparently a tour of the tea cup garden on certain days.  Sadly I never got to go on it, but neat that they offer it!

During the Flower & Garden Festival my camera lens pretty much never left my face, lol!

But it wouldn't be Epcot if there weren't a few Disney characters thrown in among that fauna!  Here's Eeyore...probably hoping for some thistles amongst all the blooms...


Rabbit and Tigger and the ever-adorable Pooh Bear!

Well, adieu to you, Flower and Garden 2012.  You were beautiful as ever!  Or as the British (or Irish!) would say -- you've been grand! :)