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Soft Opening: Storybook Circus

Many apologies, dear readers, for the lengthy-ish absence.  I am at last jumping back on the blogger wagon, and now I've got the full scoop on the new Storybook Circus area...

SO.  Anyway.  As you already know, one fine Florida day a few weeks back, I headed into the Magic Kingdom and made a beeline down Main Street...

I crossed over the bridge towards the tea cups (which, as an aside, had a 25 minute wait.  two words: spring break.).  Anywho, I found a path lined by the typical tidy Disney construction walls.

I realized after a second it was a very familiar route -- the same one you used to take to get to Toontown!  Just imagine Al's garage up there on the left and the face painting place to the right.  Ah, Toontown, we will miss you...

Yet, I'm also really excited for all the new stuff opening!  I was actually expecting more of Storybook Circus to be open, it's a fairly small slice...the train station, Dumbo, and the Great Goofini/Barnstormer.

I was looking at the concept art and there's going to be even more of Storybook Circus, parts that aren't open yet.  In the pic above I tried to highlight in red the part that is open there's still a lot to look forward to!  I bet they wanted to get Dumbo up as soon as possible, since it's such a favorite.


On the walls hiding the construction there were loads of cute photos featuring Storybook Circus "acts."

But, of course, the walls didn't hide all of the construction!  I'm not exactly sure what this will be...maybe part of the Seven Dwarves' Mine Train??

Continuing along...we're getting nearer to the attractions!  The first thing you come across is the one, the only:


I like all the trees and greenery they've got in the new areas.  In this pic, you can see the line for Dumbo (on the left), the Dumbo carousel (in the distance in the middle), and that red wall on the right side is blocking the second Dumbo carousel which is not quite open yet.  The open Dumbo carousel is so shining and gleaming and new!

The big tent behind Dumbo is not open yet, but I can't wait to see what'll be inside...probably a big shop, or maybe eventually the line will wind through there??

The wait time, all things considered, actually didn't look too looked around 30 minutes or so.

There was more of Storybook Circus to be seen!


Here's my very bad attempt at a panoramic photo, lol.  Anyway, you can see: roller coaster, Great Goofini posters, pretty stone walls (which look nice AND provide plenty of places for stroller parking/sitting...thank you Disney).

Here's a pic you'll have seen in the last update, but it's so cute I'll show it again! :)  I really liked the new Barnstormer, the theming was really fun.

Examples of this awesome theming were all throughout the line - which, again, surprisingly, was only about 15-20 minutes.  Well, most of the time that is.  Since the entrance is right next to the train station, the line would get packed every time a train let off.  But if you timed it right, it would die down a bit.  Also it's a very fast-moving line, I guess it's because the ride itself is goes quite fast.

And also there was a fair amount of queue not in use...I'm sure they're expecting longer lines!

Another angle of the queue.  The chicken wire vibe of the fences still kept a little of the farm/barnyard theme the barnstormer used to have.  I also loved this little homage to days gone by...

This is the back of the new sign for the Barnstormer, which you can see from the line.  I spent a good 10 minutes staring at it, trying to figure out what the "reused wood" originally said.  Can you tell?  Here, I'll give you a minute...




Have you got it?  It's Wise Acre Farms, of course!

I also got a kick out of the socks and trousers and laundry items flying from atop the sign!

The "ticket booth" for the Barnstormer.  Dumbo also had a pretend ticket window, a cute touch!


More random pics, just to give you a sense of the place.  Note that the Barnstormer still does go through a barn (pic on the left) and a rather pretty barn at that!  Also the imagineers tried to give us some shade with those trampoline awnings, lol.

Throughout the line were some old items from the Great Goofini's various feats.  One was a canon...

Note the big long matches...and I think those canon balls have seen better days!


Also featured was this buckin bronco rocket, named Bertha.  I spot a certain hidden mouse, can you?

View of the train station from the line...

The "Wheel of Peril" I thought was a really funny detail, and it would make a great photo op!  Only they put it in a very narrow part of the line, right where the CM asks how many in your group and sends you through...hopefully they'll move it somewhere where it can be more of a feature!

I can see the big hill!

Almost ready to board!!!

I was in the very back car!

Ready to go??  That little boy in front reminded me of riding with my little brother Dart for his first time!

Yo the Yeti was my seat partner and was VERY excited.

I was trying desperately to snap pics from the top of the hill and I got one good neat one of the construction!

I wish they'd put something fun on the back of that billboard, it's a little large and plain.  Then again, there is an outline of the Goof crashing through it!

Here we gooooooooooo!


Then just like that, you're back in the barn!  It is a VERY quick ride...less than a minute I'd say, but VERY fun too!

The exit is stocked with first aid materials waiting for the Great Goofini after his act, lol!

The exit kinda goes through the coaster, which is neat.


Alright.  So are you thoroughly sick of the Great Goofini and Storybook Circus yet?  lol, maybe I should've split this up into two posts.  But then I don't have too much left, just the train station mostly...

So if you're standing in front of the entrance to the Barnstormer, this is the view to your left.  That building on the left hand side of the photo houses the very nice new restrooms.  They remind me of the new restrooms at Pirates, more spacious than you would expect, lol.  Then to the right you can see the cute little cupola and roof of the train station...


Restrooms: left.  Line for the train: right.  See, you won't even need a map when you get here!  lol!


Some more details from around the train station.  I hope the Goofster is being careful, practicing his stunts so close to the train station!!

So off to the right of the train station is just a dead end, it's the side of the Barnstormer where the line loops around a bit.  Off to the left, past those restrooms, is where the train exit is, and there are some really cool details hidden back there!

There's the train going by!  Looks like a circus train came through too...

There were loads of trunks and baggage and circus paraphernalia stacked up around the station.

Maybe this is the barn where some of the circus animals are kept??  In any case, I really loved the colors, and the feel of the warm wood and bricks.  Everything was so tidy and new!

Looks like the circus train even dropped off the feed buckets for Dumbo and friends!


I want a snazzy trunk like one of those.  Seriously.  Like the sweet striped one -- do you think they'd allow that as a carry on?? lol!

Opposite the barn and all the baggage is just a construction wall, but I see a little red tent sticking up over the top!  They're tempting us with what's coming :)

Take a closer look at the pavement: are those the tracks of elephants and tigers I see? :)

PHEW.  Alright.  Well that's pretty much all the photos I've got.  Sorry if it got boring with specifics and directions, I just figure somebody out there might like to know!  I guess I need that 25-photo-per-post limit like on the DIS to keep me from being too verbose.  Or too photo-bose, lol!

When you're heading out of Storybook Circus and back into the park, you can see some of the new Fantasyland over the walls.  As a princess fanatic, I am SUPER excited for that -- so you can bet as soon as there's more to see I'll be doing an update on that as well.  But don't worry, I'll try to keep it short. ;)

Hope it was a magical day!

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  1. Loved the update. My daughter will love the new princess areas once open!