Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Changes in Store for Poly Decor??

I bet it drives the imagineers crazy when we Disney fans notice every tiny little change or alteration and speculate about it.  But, hey, we love our Disney, and we like to know what's going on!

So here's the change that I've been wondering about lately: I was wandering through the Polynesian (in the Tokelau building to be specific) the other day, when I came across a segment of hallway that was different from the rest.  The carpets, wallpaper, even bits of the ceiling were new, just in this one little bit of hallway.  Check it out...


The regular hallway design is on the left.  The different one is on the right.


Once again, regular wallpaper on the left; new wallpaper on the right.  The new design does seem to make the hallway a little brighter (although that new brown carpet is still rather dark).  I remember when they redid the Poly, at first I really didn't like how much darker the hallways and rooms were.  Now I've gotten used to it though!


...and new!

In this pic you can kinda get a sense of the new design in the one section of the hallway, then the old design continues beyond it.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about this new decor.  I like the pink and purple flowers on the rug, but I don't think it's as tropical as it should be.  Also, it feels a lot like the Contemporary with the brown and the almost futuristic look of the wallpaper.

Then again, I don't even know if a decor change for the Poly is on the table.  Maybe they were just testing this out to get a feel for it??  It'll be fun to see!


  1. You are seriously living my dream. I would love to work for Disney then be able to go explore any time I want. So many cool places to go. and you are able to because you have the time. So fun.

  2. Hmm it is different. I like it but not sure I love it for the Poly. It does need to be more tropical looking in my opinion! Thanks for the update!!