Friday, March 9, 2012

Six Months Working for the Mouse...

I recently passed the sixth month mark of my hire date with Disney, so I thought it'd be fun to do a little retrospect of what those six months have brought...

-86,400 times the words “Welcome Home” have come out of my mouth (and that’s just a conservative estimate).
-6,000 or so “Have a Magical Day’s!”
-dozens and dozens of pin trades.
-hundreds of wonderful guests I’ve gotten to talk to.
-4 different roles I've been cross-trained for at work.

-71 blog posts.
-only 16 tweets (and you probably didn’t even know I had a twitter!  I’ve been really slow getting started so I haven’t shared it til now).
-5 or 6 lovely DISers I got to meet!
-1 blog reader who recognized me at work (shout out to Sarah!).

-7 or so GIANT cinnamon rolls from the Main St. bakery (about one a month keeps me going ;) ).
-11 servings of “chips” from Epcot’s Yorkshire Fish and Chips Co. (I did get the fish along with the chips once!).
-26 Cupcake Mondays.
-Earl of Sandwiches beyond number.
-about 50 visits to the parks.
-SO MANY visits to the Polynesian.

-8,797 pictures taken.  (I’m starting to think my photos and stories will keep me going with blog updates for a reeeeally long time.)
-hundreds of photos of Cinderella Castle.
-one trip report on the DIS I am *still* trying to finish, lol.
-around 15,000 views and 38 followers.
-2,354 unique blog readers (HI GUYS!!).

Who knows how many more months I’ll find myself in Florida, but I’ve really enjoyed these six months, and sharing the memories with all of you!


  1. Here's hoping they offer you a raise soon, just b/c you clearly bring so much joy to your work, and magic to the guests. They could use a good writer for their press releases and blogs and websites, and and and....

    Best always, MSF

  2. You forgot to add- your first sushi experience. ;)

  3. Thanks for documenting your mouse time, Emma. I'm honored to read it. Here's hoping I get to see you in your World soon!

  4. Yay! Congrats on 6 months with the Mouse!

  5. Congratulations, Emma, on your 6 month anniversary!! I'm catching up on your blog and showing pictures to my DD, Claire. She laughed when I said - wait until you see this picture - it was the one of the cinnamon roll. I love the cinnamon rolls from the Main St Bakery (and so does she)! We can't wait until June to have one (or two). Someone on the DIS gave a hint to get them the night before and take them back to your room for breakfast the next morning. The portions are so huge, we had half for a snack that night and then the rest for breakfast. We envy how you can just pop over to a park for a snack or just hang out - that would be great.
    Keep up the blog and try to finish the never-ending TR - LOL!
    I really enjoy reading them!!

  6. oh how fun!!! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!! Hopefully you will get lots more chances to do 6 months installments!! LOL!!! I hope you are there at least for my next vacation!!!

  7. Hi Emma:-)
    I just started reading this blog and would like to thank you SO much for doing this! I'm hoping to become a cast member too one day and reading your experiences really encourage me.
    Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary and may the magic continue for you! I know it's a long shot, but fingers crossed you're still working for the mouse on my next visit;-) Thank you once again,


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