Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day in the Life...

7.30 -- My ipod chirps cheerfully at me from the side table to wake me up, usually with that "marimba" tune.  I do. not. like. alarm clocks that shock you awake.  The ones that gently weave into your dream and say "hey, sorry, but it's time to face the *real* world again" are so much more pleasant. :)

8.20ish -- I'm stepping out the door of my apartment with lunch bag and accoutrements and id card and name tag and such all accounted for; hop in the car to drive to work.  On the way I blow a kiss to the Polynesian as I pass by, and watch the monorail gliding to and fro on its tracks, gleaming from the morning sun.

Sometimes I pass a parking lot tram tooling along World Drive, always plenty of Disney Transport buses of course.  One morning there were three gleaming old school vintage roadsters zipping along, so cool.

9:00 -- I've parked, clocked in, made sure my uniform is just so, and am ready to step out "onstage."  Some days I'm on the desk, but today I'm out on the curb, greeting guests.  Some memorable moments from this shift...
 Gave a little girl, three years old maybe, a looong strip of Mickey stickers.  With great care she takes each one off and covers her entire shirt with them.  lol, sorry mom!

A wonderful old couple with the most wonderful Scottish brogue/accent walk up and ask for advice on where to use their last dining credit.  I love it when people ask for advice and I can be their vacation planner. :)  Sadly I cannot remember what they went with, but I recommended the french dip/roast beef sandwich at Beaches and Cream, the turkey and brie at ESPN Club, and a few of the counter service at Epcot.

I ask a little smiling cherub going by in a stroller for a high 5.  He puts up his tiny shoe and gives me a "high foot" instead!
 I have two half hour breaks during the day; otherwise I spend my eight-and-a-half hours greeting guests, assisting them with check-in, answering questions, and giving directions.

One day on the curb I got to surprise a family - mom, dad, and two teenager daughters - with the news that they had been upgraded to the presidential suite!!  They were unloading the car, so I went up and introduced myself and said "I have some exciting news for you guys..."  When I spilled the beans the mom just stared at me and goes "Are you kidding??"

lol, nope, I would not kid about something like that!  Apparently it was their 50th time staying at a Disney resort, but they've never stayed on a club level before, so it was perfect timing for an upgrade.  I was so excited for them, it totally made my day.

Even when I don't have amazing news for them, there are lots of guests that are so sweet and appreciative.  A husband was taking a picture of his wife in front of the hotel, so I offered to take a shot of both of them.  The wife mentioned that they didn't have many photos together, so I offered to take another of them in the lobby or wherever.  I wished them a magical day, and as they were walking away the man says, "Never lose that big smile!"  Awwww! :)

5:30 - It's time to clock out.  I get changed into street clothes and head on over to Epcot, where one of my friends is celebrating her birthday.  As I walk through World Showcase I have to stop myself from saying "Hi princess!" or "Happy Birthday!" to the little kids passing by.  After doing it all day at work, greeting everyone that passes you becomes automatic, lol!

6:00 - Find my friends outside Journey into the Imagination, which we all ride together with no wait.  Everyone holds their nose during the skunk scene, and we all contain our disappointment at YET AGAIN having Figment stop us from going to the taste and touch labs. ;)

In the eye lab there's a poster of a girl wearing a Scottish tam, and I had always thought it was a really cute picture, but I could never figure out what it was doing there.  Well somebody finally pointed out to me, it's actually one of those trick pictures, if you look at it one way it's an old fellow with a big nose, another way it's a girl in a cute hat.  I guess I liked the hat so much I was blind to the old man!

6:30 - We walk on over to World Showcase.  Yes, I admit it, I was with one of *those* groups.  You know, the drinking-around-the-world ones.  Rose and Crown was our first stop.  I don't drink much, so at first I wasn't going to get anything, but then I thought about how the drinks around World Showcase do sound tasty, but I never buy any because I'm usually there alone.  And now here I was finally out with friends and I wasn't going to try anything!

So I decided to try a cider and black.  It was cider with blackcurrant juice (they used ribena, which I recognized from the shelves of Tesco's when I used to live in Dublin.  that made me smile), it was very good -- and I also got an order of chips (fries!) to munch while we waited for the British Invasion band to start, and those were even better!

The British Invasion show was very fun -- the benches were full, but the courtyard overall wasn't crowded, the street was clear.  Most of the group that I was with were cast members, and some of them knew all the different performers that do British Invasion and were commenting on who was out.  It's so interesting to be at Disney with cast members, they know so many random things!

So we girls in the group were all dancing around in the street by our benches.  One of the girls, Sam, (I think she gulped her cider a little too quick, lol) ran all the way around the square courtyard during one of the songs.  Then the next song was Crocodile Rock, and we started being silly and waving our arms like a crocodile chomping.  During one of the interminable "Naaaa, naaa, naaa, nananaNAAAaaa" verses, Sam has the brilliant idea that we should ALL run around the square courtyard clapping our hands like crocodiles to the beat.

And so we did.  :)

lol, it was sooo funny.  Luckily the crowd was laughing along with us and cheering us on, and when we got back to our bench we all just collapsed laughing.  After the show we stopped to get a picture with the singers and they said, "We have to get a photo with our dancers!"

The cider and black was the extent of my drink sampling for the night, but the rest of the group charged on ahead, with a grey goose or two in France (I'm told it tastes just like a creamsicle) and a morrocorita (I couldn't even believe there was such a thing with such a name, lol!) in Morrocco.

Just as I was starting to get concerned for their livers, they took a break in Japan and got some food, and we sat at the long table down the middle of the counter service just chatting.

8:45ish - It started to sprinkle in America, and also it was getting late and I had work the next day.  So I took my chance to escape in Italy, and turned around and headed back out of the park on my own.

The music for Illuminations had just started.  Walking along in front of me was a poncho-clad form, probably twelve-years-old, dancing like a free spirit in front of the stroller.  It was too cute.  There's something about that music, and about the rain-washed night just beginning to fall -- I felt like dancing too!

Getting home I thought to myself it was a pretty fun day in the life of a cast member. :)


  1. I love this blog post!!! Ok, this is a problem... every time I read your blog I want to visit you more and more! We're going to have to make it happen. :)

  2. WOW I LOVED this post. It is so interesting to me to know who ones day goes especially a CM. Fun Stuff.

  3. While every job has tough days, you really communicate your love of the special Disney magic. It's that magic that makes it OK for even guests to praise little princesses' beautiful gowns, and wish others a Happy Celebration. It is great to hear that you feel so compelled to do so, even when "off the clock". Looking forward to reading even more great "joyful job journals"! Best always, MSF


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